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Inpatient survey

During just one year, 95,727 patients needed to stay overnight in our hospitals.

Ensuring each and every one is treated with respect, dignity and compassion, and making sure that their care is as positive as it can be, is a vital part of the service we provide.

An independent survey of NHS patients across the country has shown that Epsom and St Helier hospitals have continued to improve the level of care they are providing, with a high number of patients saying that they receive good quality care in a clean environment.

The Care Quality Commission NHS inpatient survey 2012, which was published on 16 April 2013 and is based on feedback from 403 of our patients, shows:

  • 96% of patients said the hospital rooms, wards, bathrooms and toilets were very or fairly clean;

  • 87% always had enough privacy when being examined or treated;

  • 79% said they always had confidence and trust in our doctors;

  • 76% felt they were treated with respect and dignity;

  • 74% of patients rated the level of care they received highly (marking it as a seven or above out of 10).

Other positives included a significant increase in the number of patients who felt that they received enough emotional support during their hospital stay (a rating of 7.1 out of 10 compared to a 6.2 rating last year), and an improvement in patients feeling that they got clear answers to their questions from nurses (a score of eight out of 10, compared to last year's 7.5).

Inpatient survey results 2012

How we compare

The results also show that we are performing on a par with hospitals across the country, and other neighbouring hospitals in the area.

Our local trusts scored:
 Organisation Worse About the same Better
Ashford and St Peter's 0 10 0
Croydon 7 3 0
Epsom and St Helier 0 10 0
Frimley Park 0 9 1
Kingston 0 10 0
Royal Surrey 0 10 0
St George's 0 10 0
Surrey and Sussex hospitals 0 10 0


The Care Quality Commission NHS inpatient survey 2012 involved 156 acute and specialist NHS trusts. Over 64,500 patients across the country took part, which is a response rate of 51%.

Patients were eligible for the survey if they were aged 16 years or older, had at least one overnight stay and were not admitted to maternity or psychiatric units. 

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