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Our strategy

Clinical trial
A patient participating in a clinical trial at St Helier Hospital

The way in which the NHS works has changed considerably since it was created. Advances in technology and new medicines are just two ways in which health services have been revolutionised.

Illnesses which would kill people a decade or so ago and now curable. Operations which once lasted hours and involved patients having to stay in hospital for weeks can now be done a lot quicker, with many patients going home on the same day. Babies born prematurely were unlikely to survive, whereas today they live perfectly normal, healthy lives.

Along with these advances have come new challenges which mean the NHS, including trusts like ours, need to adapt so that we can meet them head on. As such, we have strategies and plans in place to ensure we are prepared for the future. This includes an overall clinical strategy for the entire Trust, as well as strategies to develop and improve specific clinical services. There are also strategies to improve our support services, for instance, our information technology. Our key strategic documents are available to download below.

Importantly, our strategies and planning are underpinned by the Trust values and our key priorities.

Strategies in development

Read more details in the sections below:

  • Our plans for services at Sutton Hospital We are planning to make changes to the services we provide at Sutton Hospital. They will improve the services we offer to our patients, improve the working environment for our staff and will help us to balance the books.

Strategy documents

application/pdfInformation management and technology strategy (1.15MB)06/10/2009Download
 The IM&T strategy is a revision of the 2007 strategy reflecting the current Trust context and the developments in technology over the last two years. Published: June 2009 
application/pdfShaping Our Future - 2012: An emergent strategy for Trust clinical services (246KB)18/12/2008Download
 This report sets out our emerging clinical vision for how services in the Trust should develop over the next ten years. It presents our aspiration to be the secondary care provider of choice for the populations of Merton, Sutton, Epsom and surrounding areas. Published: January 2008 
application/pdfShaping Our Future - 2012: Clinical Workgroup Care Pathways, working paper A (467KB)18/12/2008Download
 An emergent strategy for the Trust's clinical services Published: January 2008 

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