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Landmark £219 million redevelopment of St Helier Hospital

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Proposed multi storey car park at St Helier Hospital
Proposed multi storey car park at St Helier Hospital

1 February 2012

The recent announcement by St George's Healthcare NHS Trust that they have withdrawn their bid to merge with St Helier Hospital has led to speculation about our plans to spend millions of pounds redeveloping the hospital.

Matthew Hopkins, Trust Chief Executive, said: "We remain absolutely committed to the £219 million redevelopment of St Helier Hospital, which we know will bring enormous benefits to our patients, local people and staff.

"The Government have been very clear that this money is set aside for us to spend. The redevelopment of St Helier is long overdue and marks the single biggest investment in healthcare in the local area for a generation.

"We have already spent more than £5 million on the project and look forward to beginning the move of services and staff from the areas that are due to be demolished, prior to the work taking place. This phase, and the eventual demolition, will cost over £12 million and are due to be approved by the Department of Health by the end of February 2012.

"Crucially, the redevelopment continues to receive the highest level of support from our partners, including our strategic health authority NHS London, local GPs, MPs, councils, other local NHS partners, and - fundamentally - our staff, patients and local people."

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