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There are mortuaries at Epsom and St Helier hospitals. Both have viewing facilities by appointment only. To arrange a viewing, please contact the breavement services office (see contact details for telephone numbers).

Out of hours viewings are conducted by portering and nursing staff.


A post-mortem examination usually adds more information to what is already known about a deceased patient.  It is Trust policy and good practice that consent is obtained by senior medical personnel. The details of the case must be discussed with the pathologist before asking for consent from the relatives.

Please contact the duty pathologist or cellular pathology secretaries on extension 6619 at Epsom and ext 2495 at St Helier prior to approaching the relatives of the deceased to discuss a request for a post mortem examination.

The bereavement services offices at Epsom and St Helier hospitals hold a supply of consent forms and clinical summary forms. Please contact them directly to arrange collection of forms and return arrangements. Consent must be obtained in accordance with the Trust policy. A full clinical summary will also be required.

The Trust does not have facilities to perform post mortems on category 3 pathogens including hepatitis, AIDS and multi-resistant TB and Spongiform Encephalopathies, although it may be possible to arrange post mortems to be performed on these cases in more specialised centres. No perinatal or neonatal autopsies are performed at the Trust - all such enquiries should be directed to the perinatal department at St George’s Hospital

The post-mortem reports are typed within 48-72 hours following the examination and issued to the relevant persons. For HM Coroners' cases, the GP of the deceased and any hospital consultant who may have had involvement in the case may request a copy of the report from the coroner’s officer.

Opening hours

Epsom Hospital
Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm
Staff can be contacted via switchboard out of hours.

St Helier Hospital
Monday-Friday, 9am-12noon and 1-2.30pm
Staff can be contacted via switchboard out of hours. To arrange viewings out of hours contact security via switchboard.

Contact details

St Helier Hospital
Tel: 020 8684 2792

Bereavement services office
St Helier Hospital
Tel: 020 8296 2491

Epsom Hospital
Tel: 01372 73 5273

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