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Genito-urinary medicine (GUM, sexual health)

The medical genito-urinary department (also called GUM or sexual health department), located at St Helier Hospital, is available to anyone wanting advice and information about all areas of sexual health.

We provide the following services:

  • Information on prevention, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and other related problems;

  • Free condoms and safer sex information;
  • HIV testing and HIV/AIDS information and advice;

  • Follow-up care of HIV positive people;

  • Clinical psychology;

  • Family planning and contraceptive advice;

  • Emergency hormonal contraception (the ‘morning after’ pill);

  • Assessment and treatment of sexual health related mental and emotional problems, and sexual difficulties;

  • Information, advice and counselling on all aspects of sexual health and sexuality;

  • Referral for termination of pregnancy;

  • Treatment for people with a chlamydia positive result from an external screening programme;

  • Post exposure prophylaxis for HIV exposure.

Our philosophy

We offer a free and confidential service to anyone seeking sexual health care and believe that everyone has a right to receive care of the highest quality.

To achieve this, we aim to create a non-judgemental atmosphere in the clinic so that people feel able to discuss their concerns with us.

Care is delivered by friendly and approachable staff, who will ensure that the needs of each service user are understood and appropriate care given.

Our sexual health advisers offer advice and support on sexual health and related issues, like rape and assault. They can make referrals to other agencies where necessary. Whatever your concerns, you can talk in confidence with our trained and experienced staff.

Read more about the services we offer to our patients:
  • General information for patients Information about how long will you be in the clinic, how to book in, what happens when you see the the doctor or nurse, what tests you will have, how to obtain your results, treatment options, seeing the health adviser, contraception, and confidentiality.
  • Walk-in and appointment clinics We operate both walk-in and appointment clinics. All clinics are open to both male and female patients.
  • The Point - our clinic for 18s and under This sexual health and contraceptive clinic offers a free, confidential service for the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, contraception, free condoms and emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, someone to talk to you about your options if you are pregnant, referral for termination (abortion) and someone to talk to for advice or information.
  • Family planning The family planning service provides health promotion, contraceptive advice, contraceptive services including all long acting reversible methods, counselling and referral for TOPs, cervical screening, advice about sexually transmissible diseases and medical gynaecological problems including menorrhagia.
  • Clinical psychology services Information to help you understand more about the clinical psychology service based in the department of genito-urinary medicine.
  • Information about HIV/AIDS Patient information about HIV and AIDS: What is HIV? What is AIDS? How to keep healthy and prevent the spread of HIV? How could I have picked up HIV?
  • HIV antibody test When someone picks up HIV, their blood will react to the virus and make chemicals called antibodies, usually within about three months. The HIV test involves taking a small sample of blood and then testing for these antibodies in the laboratory.
  • The HIV care pathway Information about what will happen if your HIV test is positive
  • Services for gay and bisexual men The genito-urinary medicine (sexual health) department at St Helier Hospital provides comprehensive sexual health services for gay and bisexual men.
  • Services for HIV Positive people Patient information for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • Patient information leaflets Please have a look at our leaflets. They contain useful information for you to read so you can prepare your visit.

Key staff

Dr Steven Estreich
Clinical lead

Yvonne Walker
Clinic Manager and Senior Health Adviser

Opening hours

HIV doctor clinics  
Tuesday, 9.30am - 12noon
Wednesday, 9am - 11.30am
Thursday, 2pm - 4pm

Same-day HIV testing
By appointment on Thursday mornings

The Point - our walk-in clinic for people aged 18 years or under
Wednesdays, 3pm - 5.30pm

Walk-in sexual health clinics
Monday to Friday, 9am - 11.15am (door opens 8.15am)

Appointment sexual health clinics
Monday, 2pm - 4pm
Tuesday, 4pm - 6pm
Thursday, 2pm - 4pm

Contact details

Reception for general enquiries
Tel: 020 8296 2543

Advice line for advice/information regarding STIs and HIV/AIDS
Tel: 020 8641 1256

Results (Tuesday, 1-3pm only)
Tel: 020 8296 2543


Patients can refer themselves; we offer a walk-in service five days a week.

Your views matter

The West London Gay Men’s Project are working in Sutton to address the unmet need of local residents at risk of HIV.

The West London Gay Men’s Project is a well-established and respected organisation who have extensive experience of working with the most at risk populations, including men who have sex with men (MSM) and black african/BME groups.

The West London Gay Men's Project would like to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to give your views by completing its online survey.

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