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Services for gay and bisexual men

The genito-urinary medicine (sexual health) department at St Helier Hospital provides comprehensive sexual health services for gay and bisexual men.

We do not have a separate clinic for gay or bisexual men but provide these services within our regular sexual health clinics which are held every weekday.

Our services include the following:

  • Sexual health check-ups: screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhoea, chlamydia, NSU and syphilis;

  • Screening/vaccination for Hepatitis A, B and C;

  • HIV advice and  HIV testing;

  • Information about sexually transmitted infections;

  • Discussion about safer sex and risk reduction;

  • Free condoms and lubricant;

  • Advice and counselling for sexual problems;

  • Comprehensive HIV medical care for HIV positive gay men.

Services are 'open-access' or 'self-referral' which means you do not need to be referred from your GP or anyone else. Just turn up to one of our walk-in clinics or call 020 8296 2543 to book an appointment.

If you want further information about services for gay or bisexual men, call 020 8641 1256 to speak to a health adviser.

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