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Get involved

Involving patients in our hospitals is one of the main ways in which we can make sure we offer our patients the best quality care.

Join 'Your hospital'

Have you been a patient of ours and/or do you live in Epsom, Sutton, Merton or the surrounding areas? If so, why not have your say and be part of our exciting new 'Your hospital' panel?

Join up, share your opinions and help shape the future of our hospitals and the services we provide. As a member of 'Your hospital' you will receive regular surveys about the work of our hospitals; all we ask is that you give us your honest feedback. You'll also have the opportunity to attend special events.


We are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic and committed volunteers to help in our hospitals. There are currently around 500 volunteers helping to provide a range of vital services. If you are interested in joining the team, please go to our volunteering section.

Attend meetings

You can attend our public Trust Board meetings, including our Annual Public Meeting. Find out more about other public events at our hospitals.

Comments and suggestions

Your views on how we can improve our hospitals are very important to us. You can give feedback directly by talking to a member of staff, completing our online feedback form, by visiting our patient information centre at St Helier Hospital or by contacting our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

We would also encourage you to leave feedback on NHS Choices, the main NHS website. You can comment on what you liked and how we could improve.

Nominate staff for awards

Every month, the Trust's Chief Executive presents a member of staff with the Chief Executive's Award of Excellence. This is for staff who have gone out of their way to deliver an exceptional standard of care. We welcome feedback from patients and visitors about staff who deserve special recognition for their efforts.

Patient surveys

Patient surveys are of great importance to the Trust and are a barometer of how good a job we are doing in making sure our patients have the best possible experience in our hospitals. Find out how we were doing in the latest survey.

Patient experience trackers

We currently have 15 'patient experience trackers' on selected inpatient wards at our hospitals. These handheld computers ask patients to answer a number of questions about their care. Once downloaded, the information is returned to the ward or department on a weekly basis, so that staff can better understand what their patients think of the care they are receiving and to allow them to make changes and improvements where necessary. Read more about these surveys and download the results.

Local Involvement Networks (LINks)

Local Involvement Networks (LINks) help local people to monitor and influence their health and social care services. They allow a local community to express what they want from local services and feed these views back to those responsible for delivering them. Each local authority that provides social services in England has its own LINk.
Read more about LINKs

The LINks that interact with our Trust are:

Patient groups

Patient groups provide an opportunity for patients, relatives and carers to meet with members of our staff and discuss their experiences of our services. They make a valuable contribution by helping us plan changes and improve our services, as well as allowing people to share their experiences in a supportive environment.

There are patient groups for our renal patients, maternity service users and cancer patients. The maternity services liaison committee brings together a group of individuals who have an interest in maternity care. The meetings of the committee give you the opportunity to voice your views and ideas regarding our maternity services.

There are also patient groups for stroke service users (contact Wendy Brooks, nurse consultant, on 020 8296 2651) and for patients living with HIV (contact Karen Bowen, health advisor, on 020 8296 2827).

Support us

The majority of the Trust's funding comes from central government, but donations also provide vital assistance. By making a donation to the Trust, you can help us develop new treatments, buy new equipment and provide extra support to our staff and patients.

Contact us

For further information about any aspect of the work we do to engage with our patients and the local community, or if you are interested in getting involved in some way, please contact us.

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