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Going home

A nurse talking to a patient at bedside
A nurse talking to a patient at bedside

Your discharge arrangements and plan will be discussed with you or, where appropriate, a relative or carer, before you go home. If you are worried about anything, please let one of your nurses know.

Your discharge from hospital

Clothing and keys

Remember to ask your main visitor to provide you with suitable clothing to wear whilst in hospital, as well as to travel home in. Please also make sure that you have your door keys available.

The day you leave hospital

You may be transferred to the patient discharge lounge to wait to be collected. This is to ensure that we have time to prepare your bed for the next patient, so that they do not have to wait longer than necessary. A member of staff will explain any medication you have been given, will discuss follow-up appointments and relevant support services and will offer advice on how to make the best recovery after your treatment.

A letter explaining the treatment you have had will be sent to your GP.


In most cases a family member, carer, friend or partner will be asked to collect you from hospital.

A patient transport service is available for those patients who have a medical need for it.  If you qualify for this service, the waiting times to be collected once you have been booked booked as ready to leave are:

  • St Helier Hospital - within 90 minutes

  • Epsom Hospital  - within two hours.  

Patient property

Please check you have all your belongings ready to take with you on the day you are to be discharged. If you have items deposited with the hospital cashiers, please ask a member of staff to help you retrieve them during the morning of the day you are being discharged, or on the Friday morning if your discharge is planned for the weekend.

Returning to normal activities

The speed at which patients recover after treatment is different and therefore staff will give you advice specific to your needs, for example, when you can return to work, start driving, etc. Please ask ward staff for advice on anything that is concerning you.

Discharge summary

We aim to provide you with a copy of your discharge summary when you leave the ward so that you have a record of your admission to hospital and the plans for any future care. A copy of your discharge summary will also be sent to your GP.


If necessary, you will be provided with a 14-day supply of medicines to take home with you when you are discharged from hospital.

There will be information on how and when to take these medicines in the bag and a nurse or pharmacist will go through this with you in case you have any questions.

Your GP will also receive a copy of this information. Remember to contact your GP in good time if you need to have another prescription after this.

If you have any questions about your medicines or their side effects, please contact our medicine information line on 01372 735 251 (Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm).

Sickness certificate (if required)

Please ask a member of the ward staff in advance if you require a sickness certificate.

If additional support is required

Together with you, we will check your needs and abilities and organise follow-up care or services if necessary.


People who undertake a substantial role as a carer can request a carer's needs assessment from their local social services department.

Patient Discharge Lounge

You might be asked to stay in the patient discharge lounge while you wait for your prescription, transport or your friend or relative to collect you. You will only be asked to wait in the lounge if you are well enough to go home, and it means we can give your bed to someone else who needs to come into hospital.

Help from the social work department

Epsom and St Helier hospitals have social services departments to help with any general problems you or your family may have as a result of your stay in hospital. They can advise you on problems connected with housing, employment, welfare, benefits and money matters. Social workers will also be involved in assessments for any services you may require when you go home.

If you wish to see a social worker or need advice, please ask the nurse in charge on your ward. They will contact the social services department for you.

Person posting comment into a red suggestions box
Person posting comment into a red suggestions box

Saying thank you

The Trust receives valuable support from a number of charities who are always grateful for donations, goods and - if you are able to volunteer - your time. In addition, you can support the Trust’s work directly through making a donation to our charitable funds.

If you would like to say thank you to a specific member of staff, why not nominate them for an award?

Please also remember that you can let other people know what you think by rating us on the central NHS website.

You can also leave feedback via this website using our online form.

Patient feedback

The NHS has a website where patients and their families can feedback on their time in hospital. This site is proving to be very popular and helps other people decide where they want to be treated.

Your feedback counts: help others choose the right hospital

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