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Outpatient clerk: Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones, outpatient clerk
Rhys Jones, outpatient clerk

Rhys Jones is an outpatient clerk who works on the reception desk of the Derby Suite in Epsom. Rhys spends his time booking and arranging appointments, assisting patients and helping clinics to run smoothly.

He said: "Our day starts at about 8am so that we're in plenty of time for the outpatient clinics - we see lots of people in the morning who are all coming in for different things, so it can be very busy. After the morning rush, we update the appointment system and get ready for the afternoon clinics.

"Being on the reception desk is really interesting and you can almost guarantee that something new will happen every day. I like meeting people and really enjoy interacting with the patients that come into our hospitals. It can be challenging at times, and we can see people who are quite distressed and in pain, but we're help to help and to make sure that people get the care that they need."

Rhys joined the Trust as a permanent member of staff in February of this year, after doing some temporary work with us while he was studying.

He said: "I began working at the Trust while I was at university in Cumbria, and during the holidays I would come back and do some bank shifts. I enjoyed working on the bank, but to be honest, I'm really pleased to have been given the opportunity to work here full time. I enjoy the responsibility that comes with the role, and I like feeling that I'm doing my bit to help patients."

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This article was first published in the December 2010 issue of STEPS, our staff magazine.
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