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Staff survey

Staff at the Trust feel that their role makes a real difference to patients.
Staff at the Trust feel that their role makes a real difference to patients.

Staff at Epsom, St Helier and Sutton hospitals believe they are able to contribute towards improvements at work, that they work effectively as a team and are satisfied with the quality of patient care they are able to deliver.

2012 NHS Staff Survey

The results of the Department of Health's 2012 annual staff survey were published on 28 February 2013.

The survey is conducted annually to discover how NHS employees throughout England feel about their work and the organisation they work for.

847 members of Trust staff were selected at random to receive a survey in 2012 and 440 responded, which, at 52%, is 4% better than the average national response.

Results published

There are a number of positive results for us, with our staff placing us in the top 20% of all hospitals in the country in the following key areas:

  • staff feeling satisfied with the quality of work and the patient care they are able to deliver (81% compared to a national average of 78%);

  • staff feeling they are able to contribute to improvements at work (71% compared to 68%).

We also scored above the national average in the number of staff saying that they worked effectively as a team, and in the low number of staff who had seen potentially harmful errors, near misses or incidents whilst at work.

In addition, the number of staff who said they felt under pressure to attend work when feeling unwell was amongst the lowest in the country - putting our hospitals in the top 20% again.

How we compare locally

Please see the table below to see how the Trust compares with other trusts locally:

Comparison with local trusts
Organisation Worst 20%  Worse than average Average Better than average Best 20%
Ashford and St Peter's 11 8 4 3 2
Croydon 12 5 5 3 3
Epsom and St Helier 9 5 9 2 3
Frimley Park 2 2 3 6 15
Kingston 4 4 2 9 9
Royal Surrey 1 4 5 10 8
St George's 8 4 4 7 5
Surrey and Sussex hospitals 4 10 8 4 2


Room for improvement

The 2012 staff survey also highlights where there is room for further improvement.

It is important that we work hard to improve in the areas where we are not doing so well in and maintain our results in those areas where we have done better.

As such, we will continue to review and update our current three year 'staff survey action plan' to reflect the results of this survey.

Looking at this year's results, it's particularly important that we look at further reducing bullying, harassment and discrimination, and increase our focus on tackling work-related stress.

For more information about the staff survey, including the results of other trusts, visit the staff survey website.

NHS staff survey: our results 2010 - summary

NHS staff survey: our results 2010 - summary
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