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Our consultants directory contains profiles of consultants that work at our hospitals on a permanent basis. 

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Dr Amolak S Bansal

Job title

Consultant in Immunology, Allergy and Chronic Fatigue


Chronic Fatigue, Immunology


I approach each disease and ailment from an in-depth understanding of the human immune, biochemical and molecular systems. This is used to uncover the cause of the illness as well as the factors that perpetuate the symptoms and inhibit treatment efficacy. I also integrate these details with each patient’s unique psychosocial background. The combined information is then used in tailoring an individualised treatment plan.  My research reflects my desire to uncover disease mechanisms and include work on unusual allergies, immune deficiency, interstitial lung disease, fatigue and primary infertility.

Special interests and treatments

Autoimmunity and vasculitis. The immune aspects of primary infertility.

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