Internal Consultant to Consultant Referring – Information for GPs

We are delighted to expand the new process for internal outpatient consultant to consultant referrals sent within Epsom and St Helier Hospitals from 9 December 2020.  

All outpatient specialties, are now included, as are internal outpatient referrals from the Emergency Departments. The only exception is Peadiatrics,

Following agreement with local CCGs, this means that as well as continuing to refer internally to other specialties for the same condition, we are now able to refer onto other specialties for new conditions, apart from a few exceptions. Please see list below.

As part of this new process, practices will receive a copy of the consultant to consultant referral form as notification that the referral has been actioned. This will be sent to the practice the same way as discharge summaries and clinic letters are currently delivered. 

This does not affect existing referral processes and therefore, please continue to use eRS where possible for referrals or Advice and Guidance requests to the Trust’s outpatient services.

A focus group for Outpatient Internal referrals in to Peadiatrics will start on 8 December.

List of Exemptions (Please note: U = Uncomplicated)


U Contraception


U Ear wax removal

U Eczema


U Headache


U Hypertension

U Hypothyroid

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

U Migraine

Osteoarthritis – non surgical

Pain Clinic 

U Paeds reflux

U Rhinitis

U Tonsillitis

U Type 2 Diabetes


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