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HOHC: Amy Tullin, Lead Physician Associate

HOHC: Amy Tullin, Lead Physician Associate

Amy Tullin, Lead Physician Associate

“My family’s careers are routed in the humanities, so becoming a Physician Associate (PA) was unfamiliar territory. After studying Biology at University I saw a PA course advertised and knew it was perfect for me; it felt like the best way to hit the ground running and start working. I started at Epsom Hospital on a student placement in 2011 and quickly decided that the Trust was the right fit.

“I remember my first day at Epsom: I was so nervous with no clue what to expect. On my way in I was pooed on by a bird and arrived feeling terrible! I was greeted by one of the consultants, who couldn’t have made me feel more at ease or more valued as part of the team. The way he welcomed me when I felt so nervous has stayed with me throughout my career.

“PAs are registered clinicians, so we can see patients and begin treatment. In A&E we work alongside the doctors helping to ensure the department runs smoothly. Nationally, PAs are a relatively new addition to the NHS and, as one of the first PAs at ESTH, I’ve become an ambassador for the role, helping to demonstrate how much we contribute to healthcare.

“I love working in emergency medicine as it is so varied. We’re often the first to see a patient, and it’s great to be able to assess them, work out what’s wrong and initiate treatment. You see instant results and it’s amazing to see that immediate physical change when you’ve identified how best to treat them.

“When I first started at the Trust there were only three PAs working at a time. I was really proud to be made Lead PA when the team expanded; I implemented the recruitment process, bolstered the team, and now induct new PAs into the Trust. It’s been so rewarding watching their progression knowing that I helped to facilitate it, and we have a fantastic team of clinicians working here.

“My career at ESTH so far has been a pleasure. I look forward to work, and I’m in such a privileged position to be able to help people in some of the darkest times of their life. Everyone who works here is so committed, and it’s amazing to see people who start their careers here rise through the ranks and dedicate themselves to the Trust.”


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