1. HOHC: Amy Tullin, Lead Physician Associate

    “My family’s careers are routed in the humanities, so becoming a Physician Associate (PA) was unfamiliar territory."

  2. HOHC: Catherine Fontinelle, Lead Scientist

    “I’ve loved science since I was a child, but at school I wasn’t aware of the career opportunities it could provide.

  3. HOHC: Diane Weir, Lead Midwife for Safety and Transformation

    “I can clearly remember the first time I tried my student nurse uniform on in 1985, aged just 18. I was so proud and excited about this new adventure I was undertaking.

  4. Phenomenal phlebotomy at St Helier’s brand new blood test unit

    Patients who need a blood test at St Helier Hospital will now be seen in a light, bright, and welcoming Phlebotomy Department thanks to a £500,000 relocation and refurbishment.

  5. All in a ‘dye’s work’ for children’s cancer nurse

    A senior nurse at Epsom Hospital who specialises in caring for children with cancer took the plunge and dyed her hair gold to raise funds and awareness for her patients.

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