1. HOHC: Catherine Fontinelle, Lead Scientist

    “I’ve loved science since I was a child, but at school I wasn’t aware of the career opportunities it could provide.

  2. HOHC: Diane Weir, Lead Midwife for Safety and Transformation

    “I can clearly remember the first time I tried my student nurse uniform on in 1985, aged just 18. I was so proud and excited about this new adventure I was undertaking.

  3. Phenomenal phlebotomy at St Helier’s brand new blood test unit

    Patients who need a blood test at St Helier Hospital will now be seen in a light, bright, and welcoming Phlebotomy Department thanks to a £500,000 relocation and refurbishment.

  4. All in a ‘dye’s work’ for children’s cancer nurse

    A senior nurse at Epsom Hospital who specialises in caring for children with cancer took the plunge and dyed her hair gold to raise funds and awareness for her patients.

  5. Pods provide peace and quiet for Epsom and St Helier staff

    Hardworking staff at Epsom and St Helier can now make the most of their breaks or find a moment of relaxation after a busy shift, thanks to a generous loan of two sleep pods

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