Parking at our hospitals

We have dedicated patient and visitor parking at our hospitals. Check out our hospital maps for parking locations:

Car parking consists of:

  • St Helier Hospital: 236 (including 44 disabled bays and 14 drop-off and pick-up spaces)
  • Epsom Hospital: 252 (including 32 disabled bays and 6 drop-off and pick-up spaces)
  • Sutton Hospital: 107 (including 17 disabled bays and 8 drop-off and pick-up spaces).


Blue Badge parking

Patients and visitors

In line with government guidance, The Trust has implemented free Blue Badge parking across our sites from 1 January 2021.

At Epsom Hospital there are time-restricted (3 hours) for blue badge holders outside of Langley Wing, SWLEOC, and Mole Valley. All other blue badge bays are in the main visitor car park. To validate your free parking please press the intercom on the exit barrier as you leave and security will validate your parking using CCTV.

At St Helier Hospital there are time-restricted to (3 hours) for blue badge holders outside of A&E, Queen Mary's, Maternity, D-Block, Renal. All other blue badge bays are in the main visitor car park. To validate your free parking please press the intercom on the exit barrier as you leave and security will validate your parking using CCTV.

At Sutton Hospital there are blue badge bays located in front of the Malvern Centre.

Staff Blue Badge Holders

Dedicated staff Blue Badge Bays are located just before the entrance to the visitor car park at Epsom Hospital and in front of Ferguson House at St Helier Hospital. Those parking in these bays do not require a scratch card but must display a staff permit with their Blue Badge. Staff cannot receive free parking in the visitor's car park.


Parking costs and how to pay

Our car parks are free for the first 20 minutes.Charges start at £3.00 for up to an hour and go up to a maximum of £17. Please see the table below for more information. 

Parking costs (effective from 1 April 2019)

Up to 20 minutes  £ Free 
Up to 1 hour  £3.00
Up to 2 hours  £5.00 
Up to 3 hours  £6.50 
Up to 4 hours  £8.00 
Up to 5 hours  £10.00 
Up to 6 hours £14.50
More than 6 hours (daily maximum) £17.00

Epsom Hospital (pay on foot): Take a ticket when you enter the car park, then pay at the machine located at the car park prior to returning to your vehicle. Cash, debit and credit card payments are accepted.

St Helier Hospital (pay on foot): Take a ticket when you enter the car park, then pay at a machine located at the car park prior to returning to your vehicle. Cash, debit and credit card payments are accepted.

Sutton Hospital (pay and display/pay by phone): Either, purchase and display a pre-paid ticket at the time of parking from the machine located in the visitors car park. You can only pay with coins at the pay and display machines so please ensure that you have sufficient coinage to cover the cost of your stay. If paying by phone using your debit or credit card. Call 01483 397 777 and quote the location code 2229, your payment details and your registration number. Instructions are available locally via the signage. 


Parking concessions

Patients and visitors who meet the following criteria automatically qualify for a substantially discounted parking rate:

Free of charge

  • Outpatients who visit our hospitals three times or more per week 
  • Parents staying overnight on our paediatric wards 

£3.00 per visit concessionary ticket

  • Outpatients who exceed their scheduled appointment time by more than one hour pay only for the first hour of their stay (£3.00) regardless of their actual length of stay.

We will always endeavour to see patients at their allocated appointment time. There may however be occasions where this is not possible for reasons out of our control. Consideration has been given to patients using the car parks and if a patient has not been seen within one hour of their appointment time the maximum charge payable will be £3.00 (one hour). This can be arranged through the clinic at the time of visit.

£5 per week concessionary ticket

  • Patients receiving haemodialysis 
  • Immediate family or next of kin visiting patients in any of the following service areas:
    • Intensive Care Unit
    • High Dependency Unit
    • Coronary Care Unit
    • Neo Natal Unit
    • End of Life Care referrals
  • Cardiac rehabilitation patients who visit the hospital on an six week (plus) rehabilitation programme.
  • Outpatients who are receiving Oncology treatment and who visit the hospital two times or more per week.

£10.00 per week concessionary ticket

  • Relatives of patients who are hospitalised for longer than a two-week period are eligible to purchase a £10 weekly discounted ticket after the initial two-week period.

You will need to complete an application form, available here (Reduced Parking Pass Form.doc[doc] 183KB), or via the Security Reception located in the ground floor of A-Block for St Helier and Ground floor Bradbury Wing for Epsom Hospital. Once completed and validated by the ward and department, please return it to the Security Reception.


Additional Information

To further support patients, the hospital travel costs scheme provides financial assistance to those patients who do not have a medical need for ambulance transport, but who require assistance with their travel costs. Under the scheme, patients on low incomes or receiving specific qualifying benefits or allowances are reimbursed in part, or in full, for costs incurred in travelling to and from our hospitals.


Parking Charge Notices

To ensure that all vehicles parking at our hospitals do so legally and properly, we operate a policy of applying parking charge notices (PCNs) which will be carried out by our appointed car park management contractors.

Vehicle owners should be aware that this policy operates in parking areas at Epsom, St Helier and Sutton hospitals. Signs and notices are prominently displayed in all car parking areas that PCNs are in force.

Only authorised vehicles may park in restricted areas where appropriate. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being issued with a PCN. Restricted areas include:

  • Bays marked for disabled badge holders only
  • Bays marked as staff parking
  • Areas marked for specific vehicles, eg ambulances
  • Any area marked for specific usage, eg pick up and drop off bays
  • Any area where parking has been suspended
  • Boxed areas marked in yellow paint
  • Double yellow line painted areas.

'Blue badge' drivers wishing to park in a dedicated disabled bay must clearly display a local authority issued disabled parking card and time clock in the windscreen of the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in the vehicle being issued with a PCN. Blue badge parkers should note that the criteria for parking on hospital sites differs from the ‘on street’ arrangements in that:

  • Parking on double yellow lines or within box junctions is not permitted under any circumstances
  • Parking within staff areas is not permitted under any circumstances.

Disabled spaces are occupied on a first come first served basis. For further information please refer to page six of the explanatory booklet you received with your blue badge.

Parking charge notice appeals

Any person believing that there have been mitigating circumstances surrounding their vehicle being issued with a PCN may appeal in writing. Details are contained on the notice (PCN).

All appeals will be heard on a fortnightly basis by a management and staff appeals panel.

The result of all appeals will be notified to appellants within two weeks of the panel's decision. The decision made by the appeals panel is final.  Appellants do however have a final right of appeal via POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals). Details of how to access this are contained within appellants outcome letters if they have not been successful at appeal.


Free electricity for electric and hybrid cars

Our hospitals were among the first NHS hospitals in the UK to offer free electricity to patients and visitors driving electric or duel-fuel ('hybrid') cars in April 2012.

Special charging units in the car parks allow people to charge their vehicle for free, whilst they attend an appointment or visit their friends and family in the hospitals.

Location of the charging points

  • St Helier Hospital: between the main entrance and D block at the front of the hospital and on the side of the hospital opposite D block near the Wrythe Lane exit
  • Epsom Hospital: on the boiler house next to Langley wing and one by the doctors' flats behind Rowan House
  • Sutton Hospital: outside the main block at the front of the hospital.

Drivers of cars such as the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf and Vauxhall Ampera are able to use as much electricity as they need, without having to pay a penny for it.

Each charging unit forms part of the sophisticated Chargemaster network and is capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously. Drivers who are part of the scheme are issued with an electronic ID card - which works like an Oyster card - to enable them to access the machines and charge their car.


Car park income

Our car parks are not run as a commercial operation. All the money generated from them goes directly to:

  • Maintaining the car parks (including security patrols and CCTV)
  • Our sustainability programme (ensuring we are as green as we can be)
  • The management of the service including staff, cash handling, land rates and charges (including rent of land the trust does not own)
  • Travel plan initiatives
  • The staff shuttle bus.

Any additional income is directed to clinical services.


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