Pathology tests directory

Our tests directory below includes information to support you to take and submit blood transfusion, chemical pathology, haematology, immunology, bacteriology, virology and other microbiology tests.

All testing is performed within the trust unless otherwise stated.  If the required test is not listed, please contact the microbiology laboratory for guidance.

Please note: when printed, this information is only valid on the day of printing.

Reference ranges given are for general guidance. Results falling outside the reference range do not necessarily indicate underlying pathology. 

Where a colour is given for the top of a sample tube, this applies only to adult size Vacutainer® tubes. Paediatric size and other manufacturers use different colour coding. 

Key Staff

  • Jayne Barmby, Pathology Service Manager, Tel : 020 8296 2976 (St Helier) or  01372 735287 (Epsom), Email:

Please contact the laboratory if you need advice regarding paediatric specimens.

Total results: 8
Test Alternative name Bottle / container Bottle top colour Turn around time (In days)
NAIT Contact laboratory Contact laboratory
Neonatal blood group Cord blood group Photo of Neonatal blood group Pink 1 day
Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies Photo of Neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies 1 day
Nickel 24 hour urine in acid washed bottle
Nitrogen 24 hour urine 1 day
NK cell Cytotoxicity Photo of NK cell Cytotoxicity 2 Dark Green 3
Norovirus Photo of Norovirus Faeces pot with spoon Outbreak investigation: by arrangement with consultant microbiologist. Reported same day.
NT pro-BNP Photo of NT pro-BNP Yellow (preferred)/light green 1 day (weekdays only)
Total results: 8

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