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Delivery Suite at Epsom Hospital

Delivery Suite

  • Specialisation: Labour ward and delivery suite
  • Location: Epsom Hospital
  • Telephone number: 01372 735208 / 5247


First floor, block C

Postal address to write to patients

Delivery Suite
Epsom Hospital
Dorking Road
KT18 7EG

Key staff

  • Head of Nursing: Marion Louki (Head of Midwifery)
  • Ward Manager: Stephanie Walsh (Delivery Suite Manager)
  • Other key staff: Tina Woodford, Consultant Midwife

Ward routine

  • Ward rounds:

    During the week a ward round is carried out by the obstetric team in the morning from 9am.

  • As required for women in labour. In addition, out of normal hours there are facilities to make tea and toast on the ward.

Facilities on the ward

  • Number of inpatient beds: 6 and a 2-bedded recovery room (8 beds in total)
  • Number of bays: 6 and a 2-bedded recovery room
  • Number of single bedded rooms: 6 and 1 obstetric theatre
  • Single/mixed sex: This ward is for women only. Some women will have their own bedroom and bathroom.

Visiting the ward and restrictions for visitors

  • Visiting hours: Women may have up to two birth partners, however no other visiting is permitted whist women are the on delivery suite. Visiting is permitted on the postnatal ward between 3pm amd 8pm.
  • Other restrictions for visitors:

    Read more about protected mealtimes (see In the hospital) and privacy and dignity in our hospitals. Please observe the no smoking policy in all hospital buildings and on the hospital grounds (including car parks).

Restrictions for patients

  • What you cannot bring or use at this ward:

    Mobile phones should be kept on silent or vibrate, and must be turned off at the request of the staff. We ask birth partners to use their mobile phones outside of the delivery suite.

Additional information

  • Going home:

    At discharge, all women will be given information on breastfeeding support groups, or the relevant information to support their chosen method of infant feeding, be it breastfeeding, bottle feeding or a combination of both. Women are also issued with an information sheet 'Home from Hospital' which gives a wealth of information on community midwives, registering the birth, etc, and a leaflet on postnatal exercises.

  • Good to know:

    Our aim is to make the birth of a new baby as natural as possible and women are encouraged to being items to make them feel at home, such as a favourite cushion or a birth ball. Music is also suggested, and some rooms on the delivery suite and birth centre have radio/CD players with iPod docking stations. 

    Did you know? On average, we deliver about 5,000 babies a year at our hospitals. We have private amenity beds available on the postnatal ward; please enquire about booking for these if you are interested - just ask your midwife or the antenatal receptionist for details.

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