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Access to health records (subject access request)

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you are entitled to access your own health records. You are also entitled to access the health records of another person but only if you are their authorised representative.

To make a request, please complete one of these two forms and enclose a cheque for the standard charge of £25. Make the cheque payable to 'Epsom and St Helier NHS Trust':

Post the form and cheque to:

Health Records Department
St Helier Hospital
Wrythe Lane
Surrey SM5 1AA


Each request for health records is charged at a standard fee of £25. However, if the volume of the documentation to be copied is larger than 100 pages, or if your request includes additional documentation such as x-rays, we are entitled to charge additional fees, up to a maximum of £50. Should this be the case we will advise you that further payment is required before commencement of copying.

For a deceased patient, we initially charge £25. However, each sheet of paper is charged at 30p so if the paperwork copied goes over £25 then we charge the additional money. Note that the limit of £50 does not apply.

All charges are payable prior to you receiving the information requested.

Key contacts

Subject Access Office
Tel:  01372 735935/936
Email:  subject.access@esth.nhs.uk

Please note that internet email is not a secure means of communication.

Paul Kenny
Head of Information Security
Tel: 020 8296 2000
Email: paul.kenny@esth.nhs.uk

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