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Investing in our services

A member of the estates team carrying out a repair
A member of the estates team carrying out a repair

The multi-million pound investment programme, which includes the refurbishment of ward and clinic areas, is known as the capital development plan. Money is also invested on 'behind the scenes' infrastructure, like improving fire safety and water supplies. 

In addition to the capital development plan, the Trust has drawn up proposals to spend hundreds of millions of pounds redeveloping St Helier Hospital. Also, each year the Trust receives a significant amount of money from its charities which is also invested to improve the services we deliver.

During 2009-10, the Trust spent £10.3 million on upgrading hospital facilities and equipment. In 2010-11, we spent £9.6 million. In 2011-12, we spent £9.6 million. In 2012-13, we spent £8.9 million.

For 2013-14, we have allocated almost £9 million for upgrades and refurbishment work.

On the pages below, you find a selection of major projects to keep you up-to-date with the latest news on the capital development plan, including details of what projects have been completed, what work is underway and what will happen in the future. 

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