Cancer services

Our cancer services department works closely with other teams and services across our hospitals, providing advice and support. This includes: colorectal, upper gastrointestinal, lung, urology, gynaecology, haematology, dermatology, head and neck, and other cancers.

The department plays a key role in ensuring that patients referred to our hospitals with a suspicion of cancer are offered their first appointment within 14 days, and progress along their care pathway in a timely way, ensuring first treatment starts within two months.

Cancer care and treatment

We are absolutely dedicated to providing the best possible treatment to our patients. All cancer patients have their care and treatment discussed by a meeting of experts known as a multidisciplinary team meeting. The cancer services department co-ordinates these meetings and ensures that all the relevant clinical information is available for discussion.

The members of these meetings are all experts in different areas of cancer care, and may travel from different treatment centres to attend. Members of the team can include: 

  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Oncologists (specialists in chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  • Radiologists
  • Histopathologists
  • Clinical nurse specialists
  • Palliative care professionals
  • Dietitians
  • Speech and language therapists
  • Specialist multidisciplinary team co-ordinators. 

At the meeting, the multidisciplinary team will discuss and agree cancer treatments to recommend to the patient for the best prognosis and outcome.

The team can only recommend treatments – patients will always have a choice.

Help us improve cancer care for everyone

Patients treated here will soon be asked to take part in NHS England’s National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. The survey is part of the NHS Cancer Programme. It helps services monitor what’s working well and what needs to be improved for future cancer patients. 
All patients who have cancer related care or treatment as an inpatient or day case in April, May or June 2019 will be contacted to take part in the survey. Taking part is voluntary. 
The survey will be carried out by an independent organisation who has been approved by NHS England. They will use your personal details to contact you. They will only use your details to carry out the survey. These details will be provided by this NHS trust. Your personal information will be handled securely and confidentially. We will not publish any information which might identify you.
If you do not wish to take part, or have any questions about the survey, please contact: PALS on 020 8296 2508 or email


We have lead clinicians for each tumour site. The lead clinician chairs the discussion at the multidisciplinary team meeting, and acts as the point of contact between the co-ordinator and the rest of the team.

Key staff

  • Cancer Clinical Lead/Director - post is currently vacant. Dr Martine Meyer is acting up into the post currently.

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for Gynaecology - Mr Mike Katesmark

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for Lung - Dr Claire Wells

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for Skin - Dr Chris Harland

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for UGI - currently out to advert as Dr Sameer Zar has stepped down.

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for LGI - Mr Ashish Gupta

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for POSCU - Dr Stephanie Kirk

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for Urology - Mr Pieter Le Roux

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for Head and Neck - Mr Andre Stewart

  • Cancer Clinical Lead for Haemtology - Dr Roslin Zuha

  • Badriya Maghrabi, General Manager

  • Maria Physicos, Service Manager.


Epsom Hospital: Cancer Services, Block L

St Helier Hospital: Cancer Services, F Block

Opening hours

Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

Contact details

Tel: 020 8296 4356 / 4357 / 4358


Please see suspected cancer referrals for referral guidance

More information

Palliative care

Cancer information and support centres

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