Sexual health services

The Rosehill clinic

This is the main clinic and provides sexual health, contraception and HIV services.  We are located in the main St Helier Hospital building, on the first floor of B block. We are currently unable to provide walk in services but we do offer emergency and routine appointments.

You can refer yourself to the clinic by completing the online booking form or calling Sutton Health and Care on 020 8296 3910. Please only use one contact method, either phone or form and not both as this results in double appointments which reduces appointments for others.

For Intrauterine Contraception (coil) appointments, please use this form.

For everything else use the Rosehill clinic self-referral form 

We can only provide Mirena coils/ Intrauterine systems (IUS) and Implants for contraception. If you require one of these for reasons other than contraception, please see your GP.

Don't waste a space!

We have limited appointments for everyone, not attending appointments causes more delays. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact us on 020 8296 3910 as soon as possible. 

Green Wrythe Lane Clinic

Open on Tuesday’s between 2pm and 5.30pm

This is a new clinic for people under the age of 20.

The clinic provides a service offering free contraceptive pills, injections and implants (not coils, IUS/IUD’s) plus emergency hormonal contraception.

There is a mixture of walk in and appointment slots. You may get turned away if walk in capacity is reached.

If you would prefer an appointment: call Sutton Health and Care on 020 8296 3910 or complete the Rosehill clinic self-referral form 

Telephone calls go to Sutton Health and Care lines and your call will be dealt with confidentially and passed on to the clinic,  and /or an appointment will be made for you, this is usually a telephone triage appointment prior to visiting the clinic . This line is busy, and the online booking service is the preferred method of contact for the service  

When you come to the clinics, please do not bring any children with you and where at all possible, please attend alone.

Screening for STI’s

If under 25 and have no symptoms, you can order a testing kit for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea at test for HIV and syphilis as well, please use the Sexual health London services detailed below 

You can request a kit to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis at See below for full details of the Sexual Health London Services.

Sexual Health London—free home STI testing kit

Sexual Health London logo

Sexual Health London is an online sexual health service for people without symptoms. If you do not have any symptoms and have not knowingly been in contact sexually with someone with an infection, just register and complete the online consultation. If the service is right for you, a free kit will be posted out so you can collect your samples and return them for testing. The results will be available in a few days.

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