Anaesthesia means ‘loss of sensation’. Medications that cause anaesthesia are called anaesthetics.

Anaesthetics are used during tests and surgical operations to induce sleep (general anaesthetic) or to ‘numb’ part of the body (local anaesthetic), which prevents pain and discomfort and enables a wide range of medical procedures to be performed.

Working across our hospitals, our anaesthetics team provides:

  • Anaesthesia services for all types of surgery
  • Intensive care for patients requiring specialist treatment
  • Anaesthesia services to our labour wards
  • An inpatient and chronic pain service
  • Support and training to the resuscitation service
  • Anaesthetic cover for emergencies and trauma.

Referral form

Anaesthetic anaphylaxis referral form [doc] 139KB

Key staff

Consultant anaesthetists and associate specialists:

  • Dr P Bathke, Paeds, urology, DRA SW Thames
  • Dr M Bartimeus, Clinical Lead STH, Paeds, general
  • Dr H Bagia, Obstetrics, gynae
  • Dr J Blair, Paeds, Obs, Trust Simulation Lead
  • Dr S Biswas, Obs, general
  • Dr S Bustamante, Chronic pain, General, Pain module lead
  • Dr M Bhagwat, Regional, general
  • Dr A Combeer, Regional, obstetrics, med student liaison (STH)
  • Dr J Desborough, Endoscopy, EOC
  • Dr J Dixon, ICU
  • Dr A Dombrovskis, ENT, regional
  • Dr A Faboya, Urology, obs
  • Dr M Gardner, Chronic pain, paeds MRI, (STH)
  • Dr A Gupta, General Obstetrics
  • Dr W Hosein, Paeds, obs
  • Dr M Hendricks, Clinical Lead - Epsom, Urology, general, Lead Clinical (Epsom)
  • Dr S Jankowski, ICU, gynae, paeds dental
  • Dr T Katawala, Pre-op, colorectal, College Tutor (CT)
  • Dr M Khan, Regional, Trauma, EOC
  • Dr A Lim, General, paeds, department simulation lead
  • Dr D Male, Regional, urology, ACSA
  • Dr S Milliams, ICU
  • Dr A Muddanna, Obs, paeds, general, Deputy CT
  • Dr L Mulleague, ICU, gynae
  • Dr S Pathmabaskaran, Regional, obs, med student liaison (Epsom)
  • Dr A Patel, General, obs
  • Dr S Renwick, Paediatric lead, Obs, urology, ACSA
  • Dr P Sarkar, Clinical Director, ICU, gynae, Lead clinician (critical care)
  • Dr V Shukla, ICU, A&E, ICU tutor
  • Dr M Stockwell, Trauma, RO
  • Dr G Thorning, Pre-op, general, resus
  • Dr V Shylaja, Urology, ENT
  • Dr T Snelling, Eyes, colorectal
  • Dr M Varrier, ICU
  • Dr Y Syed, ICU
  • Dr R Srinivasan, ICU
  • Dr C Lazarus, Pain
  • Dr B Ratnasingam, day surgery
  • Dr A Kapoor, Spinal, general
  • Dr V Shetty - Obstetrics
  • Dr E Adwedaa ( Locum ) General
  • Roshan Thawale - Pain


Staff grade anaesthetists:

  • Dr N Shukla        
  • Dr R Selvi, ROTA master Epsom
  • Dr S Tadikamalla              
  • Dr P Varaganti  
  • Dr M Hone         
  • Dr R Patel           
  • Dr S Cornell, ROTA master St Helier
  • Dr H Mohamed
  • Dr F Serafini       
  • Dr S Kandasamy               
  • Dr S Goyal          
  • Dr A Hassan       
  • Dr T Salem          
  • Dr K Mundanda               

Pain Team

  • Chloe Miller - Lead Pain Nurse
  • David Winter - Pain Nurse
  • Stephanie Turnbull - Pain Nurse
  • Roshan Thawale



St Helier Hospital, B block, B2

Epsom Hospital: first floor

Contact details

St Helier Hospital 

Tel: 020 8296 2444

Epsom Hospital 

Tel: 01372 73 5270

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