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Our busy A&E departments

Our busy A&E departments

Our A&E departments are very busy. If your condition is not urgent or life threatening, please contact your GP, local pharmacist or call NHS 111.

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    Target: 95% of all patients attending accident and emergency (A&E) departments should be treated, admitted or discharged within a maximum of four hours

    Result: 87.7% in January 2019

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    We are committed to reducing hospital-acquired infections and have made great progress in the last 10 years. In 2018-19, we've had one case of MRSA and 30 cases of C. difficile (as at January 2019).

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    In April 2019, 91.61% of patients said they would recommend our services to their friends and family if they needed care. 4.83% said they would not.

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