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37. NDAIG Minutes 12.06.2019 641KB PDF 24/01/2020
36. NDAIG Minutes 09.10.2019 593KB PDF 24/01/2020
35. NDAIG Minutes 10.04.2019 314KB PDF 24/01/2020
34. NDAIG Minutes 13.02.2019 325KB PDF 24/01/2020
33. NDAIG Minutes 12.12.2018 359KB PDF 24/01/2020
32. NDAIG Minutes 10.10.2018 433KB PDF 24/01/2020
31. NDAIG Minutes 13.06.18 441KB PDF 24/01/2020
30. NDAIG Minutes 13.04.18 313KB PDF 24/01/2020
29. NDAIG Minutes 07.02.18 335KB PDF 24/01/2020
28. NDAIG Minutes 06.12.17 333KB PDF 24/01/2020
27. NDAIG Minutes 11.10.17 287KB PDF 24/01/2020
26. NDAIG Minutes 09.08.17 309KB PDF 24/01/2020
25. NDAIG Minutes 14.06.17 477KB PDF 24/01/2020
24. NDAIG Minutes 05.04.17 300KB PDF 24/01/2020
23. NDAIG Minutes 08.02.17 283KB PDF 24/01/2020
22. NDAIG Minutes 07.12.16 299KB PDF 24/01/2020
21. NDAIG Minutes 12.10.16 308KB PDF 24/01/2020
20. NDAIG Minutes 10.08.16 391KB PDF 24/01/2020
19. NDAIG Minutes 15.06.16 307KB PDF 24/01/2020
18. NDAIG Minutes 13.04.16 279KB PDF 24/01/2020

Corporate publications

Here you will find free downloads of our corporate publications including our annual reports and statutory publications. If you would like these in a printed format, another language or in braille or easy read, please contact us at

Our publications

Our annual report and accounts:

Annual Report 2018-19 [pdf] 11MB

Previous annual reports:

Patient Experience annual reports

Epsom and St Helier Patient Experience Annual Report 2018-19 [pdf] 2MB
Epsom and St Helier Patient Experience Annual Report 2017-18 [pdf] 1MB

Quality accounts

Quality Accounts 2019-2020 [pdf] 1MB

Previous quality accounts:

Annual Audit letter

Board papers

Read our board papers and agendas

Governance Framework

Governance Framework [pdf] 1MB

Operating plan

2019-20 Operating Plan [pdf] 579KB

Policy for mortality reporting and mortality peer review process

Policy for Mortality Reporting and Mortality Peer Review Process ESH/POL/41217 [pdf] 9MB

Trust formulary 

The trust formulary provides a list of medicines which are cost effective and support evidence based prescribing across the trust. See the Trust Formulary[pdf] 3MB and  Formulary adherence checklist[xlsx] 341KB.

Medicines management committee 

The medicines management committee reviews the addition of drugs to and removal from the formulary.

The minutes of these meetings are available to download below to provide background to the decisions made.

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