Volunteering at our hospitals

We have made some short-term changes to volunteering at our hospitals in light of the current situation with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Please contact the Volunteering Department by emailing esth.voluntary.services@nhs.net or call 01372 735079.

We have a large and dedicated team of volunteers who regularly give their time in our hospitals and services in a variety of roles.

They make a huge contribution to all aspects of hospital life, from patient interaction to running the hospitals' shops and radio stations, and fundraising for extra equipment.

And it's not just patients and the organisation who benefit. Volunteering is a rewarding experience that can transform your life by providing a new focus, new skills, new friends and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping other people.


Volunteering at Epsom Downs Racecourse vaccination hub 

If you would like to volunteer in a clinical or administrative capacity at Epsom Downs Racecourse vaccination hub please use this link. Volunteers for this vaccination hub are recruited and managed by CSH Surrey.

Volunteer information events

We regularly hold events to help people find out more about volunteer, and to kick-start the journey to becoming a volunteer. Due to current circumstances, our Volunteer Informeation Events are on-hold. If you would like to know more about being a volunteer at our hospitals, including what kind of roles we have available and how you might be able to get involved, please contact our Volunteering Department on 01372 735079 or email esth.voluntary.services@nhs.net

Become a volunteer

After attending a volunteer information event or contacting the Volunteering Department to express interest in joining the volunteer team, the process to become a volunteer can be broken down into five steps:

Step one: initial meeting

This is an opportunity to discuss what you are looking for and what you would like to get from volunteering, so we can match the right opportunity to the right person.

Step two: application pack

You will need to complete:

  • An application form and provide two referees
  • An occupational health form, which asks some basic questions about your health (we will also ask for you to provide a copy of your childhood vaccinations - if you don't have this information, please let the Volunteering Department know at the time of completing the form)
  • For some roles, a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) check application online (this provides clearance for you to work with vulnerable people).

Step three: DBS check and paperwork

A date to process the application for a DBS check will be arranged after your initial meeting. For more infomation and guidance on identification required, please visit the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) website (opens in a new window).

Step four: training

You will be invited to our next induction training day where you will meet other new volunteers and receive training and information about volunteering.

Step five: placement

Once all of the above steps have been completed satisfactorily, you are ready to volunteer! A suitable placement, taking into account your area(s) of interest and the needs of the hospital, will be arranged with our Volunteering Manager. You will have your ID badge processed (this needs to be worn at all times when you are volunteering, and returned to us if you are no longer able to continue volunteering). Volunteers may be eligible for an on-site parking permit which will allow you to park in staff parking areas at no cost (we cannot guarantee that a space will always be available, however) - please discuss this with the Volunteering Department.

If you are going to be volunteering through the Volunteering Department, ie not with one of our volunteer groups, you will be invited to meet the staff in your placement area who will supervise you on a day-to-day basis. We recommend volunteering for at least six months in order to gain the most from the experience.

Volunteering roles and opportunities

Motivation to volunteer comes in all different forms – whether you’re looking to spend time giving back to the community, hoping to gain a confidence boost before returning to work, or an opportunity to use and develop your skills, volunteering at our hospitals could be a positive move.

Wayfinding/Host Volunteer

  • Greet visitors to the hospital in a polite and friendly manner
  • Signpost visitors to their destination
  • Escorting patients and/or visitors to the relevant department
  • Engaging with patients and/or visitors around the hospital.

Activities and Befriending Volunteer (also known as 'Ward volunteer')

  • Work with patients identified by the Nurse in charge and/or therapists, supporting them to engage in conversation and/or activities
  • Help patients regain confidence in their ability to engage in social interaction
  • Contribute towards a positive experience for all patients.
  • Spend time and engage with patients
  • Involve patients in social interaction on a 1:1 and/or group basis
  • Encourage engagement in activities that are appropriate to patients’ abilities and interests (may include puzzles, games, quizzes and reading).

A&E Volunteer

  • Support Emergency Department staff in providing a comfortable environment for all patients and visitors
  • Contribute to a positive patient experience by providing refreshments to visitors in the Emergency Department
  • Spend time with patients who are on their own
  • Greet and signpost visitors
  • Assist with completion of the Friends and Family Test
  • Volunteers in this role must be aged 18+.

Dining Companion

  • Provide basic assistance and support to patients who need help to eat and enjoy their meal
  • Encouragement and companionship to patients at mealtimes, helping to ensure they receive adequate nutritional input
  • Contribute to positive patient experience for all through spending time with and assisting patients. 
  • Assist with serving meals and refreshments to patients; assist patients with opening packets, cutting up food
  • Spend time with patients 1-2-1, engaging them in conversation, providing social support and companionship. 

Patient Library Volunteer

  • Visit inpatient wards to engage patients about the service, asking if they would like to borrow a book from the patient library
  • Access patient library to retrieve wanted books and return books that have been read
  • Catalogue new books for the patient library.

Patient Experience Volunteer

  • Visit named wards and outpatient areas in order to gain feedback from patients about their experience of the hospital
  • Engage patients in conversation in order to obtain their feedback
  • Assist in promoting and encouraging participation in the Friends and Family Test (FFT) by handing out postcards and providing information on the FFT (if requested)
  • Obtain answers to pre-scripted survey questions about the patient’s stay, recording answers 
  • Monitor supplies of leaflets and information available
  • At Epsom, trained volunteers provide a service known as DICE - this is a mobile information service that is taken to the wards each week, making availabil additional information on help at home, support for carers, benefits, transport and specialist organisations and equipment. If you are interested in supporting this service specifically, please contact the Volunteering Department.

Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity Volunteer

  • Provide ad hoc support for a range of fundraising activities and events
  • Help to promote the Charity within the organisation and in local communities
  • Contribute ideas to fundraising initiatives and events
  • To find ourt more about the Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity please visit www.epsom-sthelier.nhs.uk/esth-charity.

Other opportunities may be available - please contact the Volunteering Department (01372 735079 or email esth.voluntary.services@nhs.net) to find out more and to talk to us about how you might be able to get involved!

Student volunteer programme

To access higher education courses students are advised to gain experience and demonstrate commitment to their chosen profession by volunteering. More importantly, it is an opportunity for aspiring medical professionals (usually those wishing to become doctors) to assess whether the profession is for them.

The Volunteering Department introduced the student volunteer programme in 2006 in response to several expressions of interest from students wishing to pursue a career in medicine. The programme differs from work experience, which is a short-term, shadowing exercise, as it offers a long-term volunteering opportunity alongside carefully selected training sessions.

The purpose of the student volunteer programme is to maximise the value received from volunteering by increasing students’ knowledge and awareness of patient needs, and to give students the opportunity to spend time in and gain experience of a clinical setting.

For more information, including a detailed breakdown of the programme and how to apply, please contact our Volunteering Department on 01372 735079 or email esth.voluntary.services@nhs.net.

Our charities and support groups

Our hospitals are fortunate to receive support from a number of groups and charities, many of which also have opportunities for volunteers (such as fundraising, radio broadcasting, or volunteering in a shop or tea bar). 

The Volunteering Department can provide further information about these volunteering opportunities, or you can read more about our charities and support groups (opens in a new window), including how to contact them directly.

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