Care of the older person

The care of the older person teams at Epsom and St Helier hospitals see all patients over the age of 75 for all medical conditions referred by GPs or other referring consultants.

We aim to see patients within four to six weeks of referral, and a plan is usually discussed with the patient regarding their care. Once they are medically fit and the consultant is happy with the progress made, the patient is discharged back to their GP's care.

There are three care of the older person wards (two female and one male) at St Helier Hospital, and four general medicine wards and one CCU (coronary care unit) ward at Epsom Hospital. If considered necessary, our patients will be admitted to one of these wards. Please see our ward directory for more information. They can also be admitted to these wards through A&E.

Stroke services

At St Helier Hospital, one of the consultants is also the stroke physician, who sees stroke patients as well as older patients. At Epsom Hospital, there is a separate stroke ward and stroke consultant providing specialist care.

Patients are usually seen following an admission after a stroke; a plan is discussed with the patient on whether they need further medical treatment or, if fit, they are discharged back to their GP’s care.  

Key staff

Dr Nivi Singh
Lead clinician, St Helier Hospital

Dr Mashkur Khan
Lead clinician, Epsom Hospital

Contact details

St Helier Hospital
Tel: 020 8296 2947
Fax: 020 8296 2421

Epsom Hospital
Tel: 01372 73 5030
Fax: 01372 73 5952

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