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Sutton Hospital

Sutton Hospital

Sutton Hospital houses a day surgery unit with dedicated theatre facilities and 32 beds, a specialist accident and emergency department for eye casualties and our Centre of Pain Education (COPE), where patients who suffer with chronic pain are helped to deal with their condition.

There are also departments of lithotripsy (where kidney stones are treated with high-energy shock waves), dermatology laser care, our chronic fatigue syndrome clinic and a large ophthalmology (eye) outpatient service.

The hospital also provides a number of other outpatient services with support from radiology, physiotherapy and separate day facilities for the elderly.

Sutton Hospital's immediate future

Sutton Hospital is looking to a bright and busy future, as additional services are set to move to the site as part of the £219 million redevelopment of St Helier Hospital.

As we prepare to demolish a third of the St Helier site, we anticipate that a number of staff will be decanted to Sutton, along with a number of outpatient services.

These plans are currently being finalised, but regular updates will be featured on our website as we move closer to it.

History of Sutton Hospital

In 1899, Sutton Cottage Hospital officially opened its doors to the public. At the time, the hospital housed just six beds, and operated from two semi-detached cottages in Bushy Road, Sutton.

As the population of Sutton grew, so too did the hospital. In 1902, the hospital moved to a new site, which consisted of four small wards, an administrative block and contained a total of 12 beds. It was at this point that the hospital became known as Sutton Hospital.

In 1930, the hospital began the expansion process again, this time with a purpose-built clinic at the current site. In 1931, the new hospital was officially opened.

When the National Health Service (NHS) was implemented in 1948, the hospital was incorporated into the St Helier group.

The hospital continued to receive support from voluntary activity and charitable organisations.

By 1950, further beds for inpatients were desperately needed and two further wards were added.

Late in 1957, a new outpatients and pharmacy was added to the complex.

By now, people were beginning to live longer and the increasing number of elderly people requiring care was putting added pressure on the hospital. A new geriatric rehabilitation unit was opened in 1959.

In 1983, a district day surgery unit was opened, meaning that patients could be treated and discharged within the same day.

During 1990, the hospital underwent further improvements, and a work began on building an orthopaedic surgery. Patients first arrived for treatment here in January 1991.

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Sutton Hospital
Cotswold Road
Surrey SM2 5NF
Tel: 020 8296 2000

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