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Work experience


As part of the local community, we are happy to provide work experience placements for students aged 16-18 who are considering a medical career in the future.

Our programme is coordinated by the undergraduate education centre and, as such, runs alongside our medical student programme. It is primarily aimed at students wishing to become doctors of the future and therefore require relevant work experience for their medical school application.

Medicine and paediatric placements consist of shadowing a consultant and their team of junior doctors during their day to day work, including ward rounds, clinics, day case procedures and departmental meetings.

The surgical places are quite similar but, in addition, students are permitted to attend theatres.

All placements are purely observational (no hands-on tasks are permitted) but give you an idea whether the hospital environment is the ideal workplace for you.

Students should be aware that the following minimum age restrictions apply:

  • Placements in medicine: minimum age 16

  • Placements in surgery: minimum age 17

  • Placements in accident and emergency (A&E): minimum age 17

  • Placements in paediatrics: minimum age 17

Information for students

Personal applications for places during school holidays can no longer be accepted for 2014. We have had triple the amount of applications to the number of places available and sadly cannot accommodate any new requests.

All placements during term time are available only to local schools that have reserved a dedicated week with us through their work experience coordinator / careers advisor. Many local schools have already reserved a number of places with us and may be able to nominate students for one of these.

Information for schools

We do currently have limited term time vacancies available and may be able to offer up to five term time places per school if suitable dates can be agreed. Please email Claire Potter at claire.potter@esth.nhs.uk to see if we can accommodate your request and to specify how you would like your places allocated.

Some schools prefer to co-ordinate their own internal application process, others are happy for us to allocate on a 'first come first served' basis.

To those who have already applied and are awaiting a response

The application window closed on 1 November 2013, and we are currently working on allocating places on a 'first come first served' basis to students who have met our criteria. We thank you for your patience, but due to the volume of requests received and other work commitments there may be a slight delay hearing the outcome.


Key contacts

St Helier Hospital
Unfortunately, work experience will no longer be available at St Helier Hospital for the foreseeable future.

Epsom Hospital
Our programmes for 2013 and 2014 are now both closed to new requests, although schools may still be able to reserve term time placements in 2014.

Please check this webpage regularly for any updates which will include details on how to apply for 2015.

For all work experience enquiries at Epsom Hospital, please email Claire Potter.

More information

For people just starting out in their career, specific websites are available, such as Steps into the NHS which is aimed at 14-19 year olds, and raises awareness of the many career opportunities in the NHS.

You can also visit  the What can I do with my degree website for ideas about the careers available based on the degree you have studied for.

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