About The Friends

The Friends of Epsom and West Park Hospitals (The Friends), is a registered charity (no. 200456) which was founded in 1958 and over the last 50 years has provided:

  • Over £3 million of  medical equipment to the hospitals
  • A wide range of voluntary services to support patients, visitors and staff, including running the shop in the entrance to block A (Dorking Road) at Epsom Hospital
  • A welcoming experience through various donations and a dedicated volunteer team.

The patients are our first priority. The Friends have always supported our hospitals by raising funds through membership, direct donations and legacies, whether large or small. We also support the hospitals through volunteering - any time you may be able to give as a volunteer is greatly appreciated and there are various opportunities for people of all ages. Please visit Volunteer with The Friends for more information.

West Park Hospital

When The Friends was set up in 1958 there were over 2,000 patients at West Park suffering from mental illness. Many had no friends or relatives so the Friends made sure they received a Christmas present. Since “Care in the Community” was introduced numbers have decreased at West Park. We now have The Meadows which consists of three wards, two for dementia patients and one for depression or bi-polar patients.

Our relationship with West Park is on-going and will continue as long as The Meadows unit exists.

Our Committee

Vice-President - Mrs J Furness

Chairman – Dr Geoffrey Robb

Treasurer – Mr G Aslet

Secretary – Mrs K Beevor

Membership Secretary – Mr D Lewis

Volunteer and Services Co-ordinator – Miss J Harridge

Committee members: Mrs J Foreman, Miss D Harridge, Mr J Hubner, Mr W King, Mr D Loxton, and Mrs C Harding.
Trust Representatives: Dr K Younger, Mrs P Bell, and Mr A Watkins.

Our services

We provide a number of services that support patients, visitors and staff.

  • The Friends Shop is located in the entrance to block A (Dorking Road) at Epsom Hospital, and is open from 9am-4pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12noon every Saturday. The shop sells newspapers, greeting cards, stamps, magazines, toiletries, cuddly toys and second hand books
  • We operate a mobile service to the wards from Monday to Saturday selling newspapers and magazines
  • Help to transport patients and visitors for appointments via our voluntary car service
  • Assist with the Tuesday morning Warfarin Clinic and out patients reception desk in the Derby Suite (block A)
  • Provides help and guidance to visitors if required.

Where our money goes                

The aim of The Friends is to raise funds to help supply items which would benefit the patients that the trust is unable to fund.

Each year we provide Christmas gifts for patients and staff, maintain water coolers and run a fish tank in the John Kilner Unit. The Friends also fund and maintain wheelchairs which are situated in entrance to block A (Derby Suite) for outpatient and visitors to use.

Please find below details of what we have helped to fund over recent years.


  • £5,500 for a Multi Purpose Activity Room for Croft Ward
  • £250 for framed photographs for Radiology Waiting Room
  • £2,000 AMBU AScope Intubating System for Anaesthetists
  • £4,000 for Britten Ward Doors
  • £1,760 for Hairdressing Station and Dryer for West Park
  • £250 for an Exercise Bike for West Park
  • £250 for Music Sessions at West Park


  • £500 for an iPad and Bird Tables at West Park Hospital
  • £7,500 Drager bilimeters for Maternity
  • £1,000 for Sepsis Awareness Campaign
  • £5,000 for a further five reclining chairs in Maternity, enabling partners to stay overnight
  • £140 for a Scanning Chair for the Hope Fry Vascular Unit
  • £900 for three “Here and There Systems” for the Adult Mental Health Team
  • £120 for a Mirror and Clock for the West Park Reminiscent Room
  • £660 for Surface ElectroMyography equipment which helps stroke patients
  • £6,500 for a VScan for the Coronary Care Ward
  • £500 towards musical performances at The Meadows, West Park
  • £500 for another X-ray stool for children to be located in A&E.


  • £4,400 for an X-ray stool and SmartFlow urine monitor for Radiology
  • £1,850 for toys for the Eye Unit
  • £8,450 for a haemodynamic monitor for Critical Care
  • £370 for an automatic blood pressure monitoring system for the John Kilner Diabetic Centre
  • £1,080 for a new hopscotch floor in Ebbisham Ward (children's day surgery)
  • £4,500 for five reclining chairs in Maternity, enabling partners to stay overnight.


  • £150,000 towards equipment for the Eye Unit
  • £3,500 for an omega chair (to help frailer patients) and two heavy duty over-head tables at The Meadows, West Park Hospital
  • £140 for a CD player and toys for the Dermatology Department.


  • £250,000 towards the new Urology Centre.


  • £7,000 for Drager jaundice meters for Maternity
  • £7,750 for a neonatal resuscitaire for Maternity.


  • £28,000 for endoscopy equipment for day cases
  • £21,000 ultrasound machine.


  • £200,000 for new X-ray equipment.


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