Our consultants

Our consultants directory contains profiles of consultants that work at our hospitals on a permanent basis. 

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Title Surname First name(s) Service
Mr Aba-oub Khaled Women’s Health
Mr Ali Tahir Vascular and endovascular surgery
Dr Andrews Peter Renal and transplantation unit
Dr Bansal Amolak S Immunology
Dr Besu Irina Radiology
Dr Carter Adam Women and children’s services
Mr Charig Clive Urology
Dr Charlton Ruth Paediatrics
Dr Clark John Microbiology
Dr Cook J Valmai Radiology
Mr Dinah A Feroz Trauma and orthopaedics
Mr Duroshola Olugbenga Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Ebdon Anne-Marie Paediatrics
Miss Funnell Charlotte Ophthalmology
Dr Gallagher Hugh Renal services
Dr Garcia Maria Paediatrics
Dr George Christopher David Radiology
Mr Giuliani Stefano Paediatrics
Mr Gordon Stephen Urology
Mr Gupta Ash General surgery and colorectal surgery
Dr Habib Anne-Marie Renal services
Mr Hamilton Paul Trauma and orthopaedics
Mr Harsum Steven Ophthalmology
Dr Hayman Grant Immunology
Mr Hyer Steve Medicine
Dr Jan Haider Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr Jones Lydia Pathology
Miss Kakumani Vijayasree Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Mr Katesmark Michael Gynaecology
Dr Keane Andrew Diagnostic Imaging
Page 1 of 3 Next page Total results: 66

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