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Whether you want to get involved in an upcoming event, or would like to know about the latest developments at Epsom and St Helier – we have all the information you need.

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Below are the latest news stories from our staff and hospitals. If you have any questions, please call the Communications Team – details are on the right.  

Christmas comes early as Epsom Hospital receives £55,000 ultrasound machine

Christmas has come early for patients and staff at Epsom Hospital thanks to the delivery of a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine that will be used to help diagnose complex medical problems, such as strokes.

The brand new machine was purchased by the Epsom Medical Equipment Fund, with generous support from a number of local people and groups, some of whom were on-hand when Father Christmas himself popped by to make the special delivery. Senior Vascular Scientist Sophie Harrison said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this incredibly generous donation, which is set to make a real difference to our patients.

“The ultrasound machine produces images of arteries and veins in order to identify any blockage or narrowing, allowing us to better assess vascular disease and help plan surgery. Patients with symptoms of stroke, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or other vascular-related problems (such as leg ulcers) can be scanned prior to treatment. The new machine is more adjustable, creates clearer images due to updated technology, and also has extra functions that will improve the accuracy of some measurements.

“All in all, we couldn’t be more excited about the new ultrasound machine! Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

The machine has taken up residence in the Hope Fry Vascular Unit at Epsom Hospital, and will be used to support the hospital’s existing TIA (transient ischaemic attack or ‘mini stroke’), DVT and aneurysm surveillance services, as well as GP and inpatient referrals and those who arrive at A&E with symptoms of vascular-related problems.

Epsom Medical Equipment Fund founder and co-ordinator Bess Harding MBE said: “I am thrilled that we have been able to make this purchase for Epsom Hospital – it was a real treat to see how excited the team in the Hope Fry Unit are about the new machine.

“Raising this amount of money is no easy task, and I’d like to thank everybody who contributed. Special thanks go to private donor Michael O, the Walton-on-the-Hill Pageant, Dorking Deepdene Rotary Club, Residents of Mospey Crescent, and former Surrey County Council Councillor Stella Lallement for their generous support.”

Vascular Scientist Amanda Clark, who was on-hand to give a demonstration of the new equipment when it was unveiled, added: “We are very grateful for the fundraising and donations which have made this possible. It is fantastic to have a new machine which will benefit all the patients needing vascular ultrasound scans, and will improve the ultrasound service for the community. Thank you to Bess for her tireless fundraising, and to everyone who gave so generously. And thank you to Father Christmas for taking time out of his busy schedule to be here!”

If you would like to know more about the work of Epsom Medical Equipment Fund, including how to make a donation, please visit please visit

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