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Decorate Epsom and St Helier’s Christmas trees with your memories

Decorate Epsom and St Helier’s Christmas trees with your memories

Epsom and St Helier hospitals are inviting local people, including staff, patients and visitors, to pay tribute to loved ones who have sadly passed away, with memorial Christmas trees at the entrance to both hospitals.

This year, as part of our commitment to providing compassionate care and support to the local communities we serve, we have giant Christmas trees at the entrances to both hospitals, which were kindly donated to us by Crossways Nursery in Purley. We hope that staff, patients and visitors will take the opportunity to remember their loved ones by adding a memorial tag to our trees and share their memory.

We will be providing memorial tags where people can write their personal messages of remembrance and place it on the memorial tree to decorate it. Donations are welcome – money raised will go to our hospital charity, Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Charity:

Chief Nurse, Arlene Wellman said: “I had the pleasure of being part of the official switch on of the lights, as our staff choir sang beautiful Christmas carols, starting with ‘Silent Night’. Visitors and passers-by really enjoyed the festive sing-a-long.

“It’s important to remember that during this festive season not everyone is celebrating with loved ones. So it is great to see so much support for those who need it and we hope that by the end of the festive period all of our trees will be decorated from head to foot with beautiful messages from people thinking of their friends and family.”

If you would like to remember a loved one or someone special please fill in one of the memory tags (which can be found at our main entrance reception desks) and place it on our Christmas tree in memory of them.

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