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HOHC: Vedang Tyagi, Junior Doctor

HOHC: Vedang Tyagi, Junior Doctor

Dr Vedang Tyagi, Junior Doctor

“After graduating from medical school in India last year, I packed a month’s worth of clothes and caught a flight to England in the hopes that I might find a job here in the UK. I landed at Heathrow in February 2020 and began my first job as a Junior Doctor in the midst of the pandemic. Eleven months on and I’m still here, albeit with some much needed new clothes in my possession!

“I was born and raised in Calcutta, India, and later qualified as a Junior Doctor in Bareilly, also in India. Since I was young I’ve wanted to work in the NHS – an organisation I greatly admire – but I hadn’t imagined I would start contributing to it at such a crucial point in medical history.

“Those I’ve met this year often wonder what beginning my career during a global pandemic is comparable to. I tell them that it was like being thrown into the deep end when you’ve just learnt to swim. At first I struggled to stay afloat, and at times I felt like I was gasping for air. As instinct and training kicked in I became more comfortable in the water and before I knew it I was swimming. And I found that I love swimming.

“My work this year has been challenging, but it’s also been the best thing to have happened to me. I’ve learnt from the Trust’s senior healthcare professionals who have lead by example throughout COVID. They’ve set the precedent, and I hope to emulate their work ethic, attitude, and example as I continue with my career. I’ve witnessed some incredibly moving moments between patients and their families, many of these virtual. But best of all, I’ve been privileged to practice medicine as I truly want to. I’ve had the opportunity to give my patients the kind of care they deserve, without worrying that they can’t afford it or we’ll run out of resources.

“The fight against COVID-19 has been a transformative period for everyone – no-one is untouched by it. For me, it’s been the most important landmark of my life. It has allowed me to do what I’ve always wanted: to care and to cure.”


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