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New phlebotomy training workshop for people interested in becoming a phlebotomist

The phlebotomy department at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust now offers a phlebotomy training workshop for external students. Training will be offered three times a year, with the first course starting on 21 November 2023. 

If you are looking to start your career as a phlebotomist, or you are a healthcare professional looking to build a rewarding career in this field, our workshop is an excellent introduction to phlebotomy. 

The half-day course will teach you the fundamentals of venepuncture and the application of best practice, and cover the essential knowledge needed if you are interested in a career in a phlebotomy setting. 

You will learn from industry experts. The workshop is led by our professional phlebotomists who have many years of practical venepuncture experience working in the Trust’s phlebotomy department. After attending the course, you will have the understanding and self-confidence to safely learn venepuncture techniques for adult patients.  

You will be given ample opportunity to practise on manikins as the course involves dry lab experience. A dry lab does not involve significant risk as training is conducted on manikins, using training arms with fake blood for blood drawing practice.   

Once you have completed the course, you will be presented with a certificate of attendance.  

If you are interested in booking the workshop or have any questions, please email  

The half-day course costs £200 and includes refreshments.

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