Our estate - report findings

The charts below give a good snap shot of the age and usability of our buildings, as well as how our estates compares to other hospitals locally. 

Estates review: report findings 1

The chart below shows the age of our buildings by hospital site. 

Graph showing age of trust buildings

Estates review: report findings 2

The chart below shows the age of our estate compared to other similar trusts. As you can see our estate is significantly older, with more than half our estate built before World War II.

Age of estate compared to other trusts

Estates review: report findings 3

As you can see from the chart below, our estate is also less suitable for healthcare delivery than our peers, with 43% of the estate not fit for purpose. 

Functional suitability is an assessment of how well an estate functions in the areas of:

  • Internal space relationships (ease of observation of patients by staff, single sex accommodation and security)
  • Support facilities (adequate toilets and bathrooms, storage, seating and waiting space)
  • Location (whether clinical departments are well located relative to one another and access via lifts and outdoor areas).
Graph showing functionally unsuitable floor areas

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