Travelling to our hospitals

Parking on site is very limited for visitors and we do encourage use of public transport and active travel where possible to avoid queues for the car parks and delays to appointments. Both of our hospitals are well connected by public transport with bus information provided below.  Besides having to meet the needs of patients, visitors and staff, we also have to provide ready access for emergency vehicles and Trust vehicles.

St Helier Hospital and Queen Mary's Hospital for Children site map [pdf] 1MB

Epsom Hospital map [pdf] 2MB

The Malvern Centre (Sutton Hospital) map [pdf] 45KB

Active travel/cycling

Our two main hospital sites have a number of bike shelters located around the hospital external areas. Patient and visitors are encouraged to use a quality ‘D’ lock when locking their bike in any location away from home.

Travel to Epsom Hospital by bus

66 – Croydon – Purley – Chipstead – Banstead – Epsom – Epsom Hospital

293 Morden – North Cheam – Ewell Village – Epsom - Epsom Hospital

406 – Kingston – Surbiton – Tolworth – Ewell - Epsom

467 – Kingston – Chessington – West Ewell – Epsom  – Epsom Hospital

418 – Kingston – Surbiton – Tolworth – West Ewell – Epsom Town Centre

470 Colliers Wood – Morden – Sutton – Cheam – Ewell – East Street – Epsom Town Centre

408 – Woodmansterne – Banstead – Epsom – Epsom Hospital –  Ashstead – Leatherhead – Effingham

479 – Guildford –Fetcham – Leatherhead – Epsom Hospital – Epsom – Banstead – Chipstead

E5 -  West Ewell – Epsom – Epsom Hospital – Langley Vale

E9 – Epsom – West Ewell – Clarendon Park – Livingstone Park – Manor Park

E10 – Epsom – Manor Park – Noble Park

E16 – Epsom – Stoneleigh – Worcester Park – Ewell

318 – Burgh Heath – Banstead – Nork – Tattenham Corner – Epsom

516 – Epsom – Ashstead – Leatherhead – Box Hill – Dorking

623 – Ashtead – Epsom Hospital - Epsom

Bus Services for St Helier Hospital/Rose Hill

S1 – Banstead – Sutton – St Helier Hospital – Mitcham – Lavender Fields

S3 – Belmont – Royal Marsden – Carshalton – Sutton – North Cheam –

     Worcester Park – Maldon

80 – Downview/Highdown Prisons – Sutton – Morden – Green Wrythe Lane

151 – Wallington – St Helier Hospital – Sutton – Cheam Broadway –

      North Cheam – Worcester Park

154 – West Croydon – Carshalton Beeches – St Helier Station – Rose Hill - Morden

157 – Crystal Palace – Selhurst – West Croydon – Waddon –

      Wallington – Carshalton – St Helier Hospital – Morden

164 – Sutton – Rose Hill – Morden – Merton - Wimbledon

280 – St George’s Hospital – Tooting – Mitcham – Rose Hill – Sutton - Belmont

Travel by Train

Epsom Hospital is a 15 minute walk from Epsom Train Station.

St Helier Hospital is a 15/20 minute walk from St Helier Train station and a 20/25 minute walk from Carshalton Train Station.

Car Parking Tariffs

Car parking consists of:

  • St Helier Hospital: 236 (including 44 disabled bays and 14 drop-off and pick-up spaces)
  • Epsom Hospital: 252 (including 32 disabled bays and 6 drop-off and pick-up spaces)
  • Sutton Hospital: 107 (including 17 disabled bays and 8 drop-off and pick-up spaces).

Parking costs prices, effective from 1 April 2019. Up to 20 minutes is free. Up to 1 hour is £3. Up to 2 hours is £5. Up to 3 hours is £6.50. Up to 4 hours is £8. Up to 5 hours is £10. Up to 6 hours is £14.50. More than 6 hours, which is the daily maximum, is £17

Epsom Hospital: Pay on foot. Take a ticket at the barrier when you enter the car park, then pay at the machine located at the car park prior to returning to your vehicle. Cash and card payments are accepted.

St Helier Hospital: Pay on foot. Take a ticket at the barrier when you enter the car park, then pay at the machine located at the car park prior to returning to your vehicle. Cash and card payments are accepted.

Sutton Hospital: Cashless payments either using the SabaApp or Pay by Phone service. To pay by phone please call 0330 123 5247 and then they press option three to make a payment with one of the team. Alternatively please follow the instructions on the Saba app.

Blue Badge Parking

Patients and visitors

In line with government guidance, The Trust has implemented free Blue Badge parking across our sites from 1 January 2021.

At Epsom Hospital there are time-restricted (3 hours) for blue badge holders outside of Langley Wing, SWLEOC, and Mole Valley. All other blue badge bays are in the main visitor car park. To validate your free parking please scan your blue badge at the pay machine.

At St Helier Hospital there are time-restricted to (3 hours) for blue badge holders outside of A&E, Queen Mary's, Maternity, D-Block, Renal. All other blue badge bays are in the main visitor car park. To validate your free parking please scan your blue badge at the pay machine.

At Sutton Hospital there are blue badge bays located in front of the Malvern Centre.

Any identified misuse of a Blue badge will be reporting to the issuing authority and may result in the Blue Badge being revoked.




Dedicated staff Blue Badge Bays are located just before the entrance to the visitor car park at Epsom Hospital and in front of Ferguson House at St Helier Hospital. Those parking in these bays do not require a scratch card but must display a staff permit with their Blue Badge. Staff cannot receive free parking in the visitor's car park.

Parking Concessions

Patients and visitors who meet the following criteria automatically qualify for a substantially discounted parking rate. If you think that you are eligible for one of the below concessions, please speak to a member of staff in the ward/department that you are visiting and they can complete the form on your behalf.

Please note that refunds for concessions cannot be given retrospectively.

Free of charge

  • Outpatients who visit our hospitals three times or more per week 
  • Parents staying overnight on our paediatric wards 

£3.00 per visit concessionary ticket

  • Outpatients who exceed their scheduled appointment time by more than one hour pay only for the first hour of their stay (£3.00) regardless of their actual length of stay. This can be arranged through the clinic at the time of visit.

£5 per week concessionary ticket

  • Patients receiving haemodialysis 
  • Immediate family or next of kin visiting patients in any of the following service areas:
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • High Dependency Unit
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • Neo Natal Unit
  • Palliative/ End of Life Care referrals
  • Cardiac rehabilitation patients who visit the hospital on an six week (plus) rehabilitation programme.
  • Outpatients who are receiving Oncology treatment and who visit the hospital two times or more per week.

£10.00 per week concessionary ticket

  • Relatives of patients who are hospitalised for longer than a two-week period are eligible to purchase a £10 weekly discounted ticket after the initial two-week period.

Additional Information

To further support patients, the hospital travel costs scheme provides financial assistance to those patients who do not have a medical need for ambulance transport, but who require assistance with their travel costs. Under the scheme, patients on low incomes or receiving specific qualifying benefits or allowances are reimbursed in part, or in full, for costs incurred in travelling to and from our hospitals.

Electric Vehicles

Charging units in the car parks allow people to charge their vehicle while they attend an appointment or visit their friends and family in the hospitals.

Location of the charging points

  • St Helier Hospital: in the visitors car park and the front entrance of the hospital
  • Epsom Hospital: by the boiler house next to Langley wing

Car Parking Enforcement

Our car parks are managed by Saba Park Services UK Limited. From the end March/early April Saba will provide new parking equipment, infrastructure and systems (including new payment machines and barriers being installed) which will vastly improve the customer experience and this will continue to improve over the course of the contract. 

Parking for blue badge holders will remain free of charge. Motorists will need to display their blue badge when they park. If they use a car park that is behind a barrier, they will need to scan their badge at a payment machine or barrier on exit and this will trigger their free car parking entitlement once the new parking equipment has been installed after Easter.

Car Management and Income

Our car parks are managed by Saba from 1 March 2023.  All the money generated from car parking goes directly to the Trust and is used for:

  • The fixed management fee of the parking service, which includes staff, cash handling, land rates and charges (including rent of land the trust does not own)
  • Maintaining the car parks (including security patrols and CCTV)
  • Our Green Plan actions
  • Travel plan initiatives
  • The shuttle bus.

Any additional income is directed to clinical services.



Staff parking

Parking on site is very limited for staff and we do encourage use of active travel and public transport where possible, especially for those working ‘office hours’. We also operate a two-mile exclusion zone for staff. Please note that ownership of a permit is not a guarantee of a parking space.

We have dedicated staff car parking areas at our hospitals. Anyone parking in these areas is required to display a valid staff car parking permit all times.

Between the hours of 9am and 4pm (or any part thereof) Monday to Friday, car parking fees will be paid via a daily car parking scratch card which will be displayed in conjunction with the permit. You do not need a scratch card outside of these hours.

You may only apply for permits for vehicles for which you or your spouse are the registered keeper, or vehicles that are leased to you under a bona fide leasing agreement. You may not register another member of staff’s vehicle under any circumstances. You can apply for a permit and scratch cards online at

How to apply for staff parking.pdf [pdf] 706KB

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