Childcare support

We want to help all of our staff find the right work/life balance, and for many of our team, that is dependant on help with childcare. We are pleased to offer our staff a number of options, including dedicated nurseries for the children of employees and access to financial support.

Nurseries and play schemes

Our expert nursery staff run Woodlands Nursery at St Helier Hospital which caters for 48 children aged from six months to five years. It is open from 7.15am - 5.45pm, Monday to Friday.

Woodlands also offers a dedicated play scheme during school holidays that caters for children aged 5-12 years. The children take part in lots of activities and great outings during their time at the play scheme. For more information about the nursery or play scheme please contact the Nursery Manager on 020 8296 2467.

For more information about the nursery or playscheme please contact the Nursery Manager on 020 8296 2467.

Financial assistance

There is financial assistance available from the Government for help towards paying for childcare fees.

That includes the Nursery Education Grant, which funds part time early education for children aged three to five years and can be claimed through your nursery provider.

You may also be eligible for child tax credit and working tax credit.

If you have children under the age of 16 you could save over £800 per year on your childcare costs. The trust has a childcare voucher scheme that enables you to take a proportion of your salary in childcare vouchers in either a paper or e-voucher format - the choice is yours. The amount of vouchers you can take is up to £243 per month, as long as your remaining salary will still be above the minimum wage per month.

You save money by not paying income tax, National Insurance or pension contributions on the part of the salary you take in vouchers.

You can use childcare vouchers on any registered or approved childcare (except in the trust nurseries as these parents can access the fee direct scheme).

This childcare could be day nurseries, childminders, after school clubs or playschemes - as long as they are registered with Ofsted.

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