Epsom Hospital Radio

Epsom Hospital Radio began broadcasting in October 1978, after two mobile DJs met in the same ward and formed the idea of starting a hospital station.

In March 2010, Epsom Hospital Radio started broadcasting 24 hours a day providing music, entertainment and information alongside its live output.

The station plays a variety of shows including movies and musicals and solid gold classics. Their music collection spans several decades from the pre-50's up to the present day, including classical, jazz, blues, rock and roll, soul and disco.

The station's volunteers also broadcast a variety of live shows throughout the week, including sports, local bands, as well as local events, news and of course at the heart of all hospital radio are the listener's requests. Watch out for the presenters when they are visiting the wards every day.

Within every show, Epsom Hospital Radio broadcasts hospital information - information about the services provided at Epsom Hospital by the trust and the many charities which support the NHS.

How to contact the team

There are many ways to interact with Epsom Hospital Radio, you can follow the team on Twitter (opens in a new window) (@EpsomHR), find them on Facebook (opens in a new window) or you can email them at studio@epsomhospitalradio.org.uk

In addition, you can call them on 01372 735 999 (or from a Hospedia terminal in the hospital, simply press the hospital radio button when you pick up the handset).

You can find out much more about the station and the team, contact them directly, hire them to provide music and entertainment at your event or enquire about joining them on their website. On the site, you can also watch a film about the team and a video called 'the truth about hospital radio'.

How you can support their work

Epsom Hospital Radio is a charity and relies on support of their work and donations. If you would like to support the station, visit the donation page on their website.

Key contacts

If you would like a song played, please call us on 01372 735 999 or on 5999 from within the hospital. You can also request a song by sending an email to the studio.

Epsom Hospital Radio is a registed charity in England and Wales, number 275068.

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