Urgent referrals to Epsom

Acute medicine

Specialty: Acute medicine

Contact details

Medical SpR - Bleep #848

If unavailable then contact the Medical Consultant on call via switchboard (020 8641 5565)
Patients accepted

Any unwell patient likely to need urgent admission

Any patient discharged from medical ward within seven days if same condition / reason for presentation
Conditions accepted Any primary medical condition
Other important information to include (if any)  

Once accepted patient to be directed to ED with letter of referral addressed ‘Dear medics’

Ambulatory care

Specialty: Ambulatory care (available Monday to Friday 8am-4pm)

Contact details

Ambulatory Care mobile 07771 880 880

If unavailable then contact Medical SpR - Bleep #848
Patients accepted
  • Stable patient, not requiring admission
  • Ambulatory or able to self transfer from wheelchair
  • Self caring and able to sit safely
Conditions accepted
  • Suspected DVT or PE
  • Upper limb cellulitis
  • COPD exacerbation
  • Suspected upper GI Bleed
  • Headache
  • Stable AKI
  • Pneumonia
  • Anaemia

Direct patient to ACU (in the Acute Assessment Unit, ground floor, adjacent to A&E) with a letter addressed ‘Dear ambulatory’


Specialty: Ear, Nose and Throat

Contact details

Contact ENT hub in working hours to arrange urgent review on 01372 735095

Patients accepted

Stable patient

Patient requiring urgent review, but not likely to need admission

Conditions accepted

Otitis Media

Other important information to include (if any)
  • Appointments can be made for 24-48 hours
  • Not available out of hours (OOH)

OOH patients should be directed to ED for assessment, consider directing patient to St George's Hospital if urgent ENT input required as not available at St Helier

Frailty phone service

Specialty: Frailty phone service

Contact details

Frailty phone  07880 130986

Only available Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm 
Patients accepted
  • Frail patients (clinical frailty score 5-9)
  • Those needing urgent assessment
  • Not suitable for those requiring  urgent medical admission
Conditions accepted Frailty
Other important information to include (if any)  



Specialty: Gynaecology

Contact details

Gynaecology SHO: Bleep #832 8am – 5pm.

After 5pm and at weekends please contact the obstetric team:

Obstetric SHO - Bleep #833

Obstetric SpR - Bleep #829

Early Pregnancy Unit  - 01372 735660

If unavailable then contact Gynaecology Consultant on call via switchboard
Patients accepted


  • Stable patient
  • Not pregnant or less than 15 weeks pregnant


  • Stable patient
  • Any patient discharged from gynaecology within 72 hours
  • Any patient post op presenting within seven days
Conditions accepted
  • Abdominal pain of suspected gynaecological aetiology
  • PV bleeding
  • Persistent hyperemesis

Stable patients will be directed to EPAU

Unstable patient, likely to require immediate support and assessment will likely be directed to ED with letter addressed ‘Dear Gynaecology’


Specialty: Haematology

Contact details

Haematology Consultant on call via Haematology POD on GP bypass number 020 8641 5565 ext 6098. Available Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Haematology Lab SpR – Bleep 559
Patients accepted
  • Those needing urgent discussion
  • Patients being transferred from RMH
Conditions accepted
  • Haematological malignancy
  • Acute haematological pathology
Other important information to include (if any)

Any patient requiring admission must be discussed with Acute Medicine

For non-acute problems we recommend the Advice and Guidance Facility on e-RS



Specialty: Obstetrics

Contact details

Obstetric SHO - Bleep #833

Obstetric SpR - Bleep #829

Labour Ward: 01372 735208

If unavailable then contact the Obstetric Consultant on call via switchboard (020 8641 5565)
Patients accepted

More than 15 weeks pregnant with presentation related to pregnancy

Any patient who is less than two weeks post partum with related issue
Conditions accepted
  • PV Bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Reduced foetal movements
  • Suspected pre-eclampsia
  • Persistent Hyperemesis



Specialty: Paediatrics

Contact details

Paediatric ED SpR - Bleep #762

If unavailable then contact the Paediatric Consultant on call via switchboard (020 8641 5565)
Patients accepted
  • Patient under 16 with any medical conditions
  • Patients under 17 with acute mental health issues
Conditions accepted

Any medical conditions

Well neonates with jaundice/prolonged jaundice should be discussed with postnatal SHO Bleep #766 (these patients should not attend through Paediatric ED)
Other important information to include (if any)
  • Surgical issues for patients five years and over should be discussed with surgical team at St Helier
  • Patients under five with surgical issues should be discussed with paediatric surgeons at St George's Hospital
  • Child protection medicals for non-accidental injuries (NAI) should be discussed with the duty social worker who should then discuss with the on call team for child protection. This is not appropriate for a Paediatric ED referral in most cases
  • Non urgent advice and guidance is available via the eRS (electronic referral service)

Patients to be directed to ED with referral letter addressed ‘Dear Paediatric team’


Specialty: Stroke

Contact details

Stroke Nurse - Bleep #971/#057

If unavailable then contact the Stroke Consultant on call via switchboard (020 8641 5565)
Patients accepted
  • Any acute stroke patient likely to require urgent treatment/admission
  • Any TIA patient
Conditions accepted
  • Suspected Stroke
  • TIA
Other important information to include (if any)
  • Hyper acute Stroke unit based at Epsom
  • TIA clinic available seven days a week


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