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Ask Aunty Programme Team:  

  • Sandra Ovid – Ask Aunty Project Lead
  • Anna Awoliyi – Ask Aunty Mobile App Lead
  • Istahil Adan – Ask Aunty Project Manager
  • Shema Shonibare -Ask Aunty Administrator


Introducing the Ask Aunty programme and mobile app, a ground-breaking initiative spearheaded by Professor Arlene Wellman, designed to provide crucial support to international staff members within GESH.

This initiative aims to bridge the gap by offering tailored pastoral care, clear communication, and fostering inclusive team cultures, ensuring successful integration and development within our organisation. The sense of Belonging is key for our international staff to thrive in an inclusive workforce.

Aligned with the NHS People Plan, the Ask Aunty programme aims to address the unique challenges faced by international healthcare professionals as they adapt to a new environment. Through mentorship and guidance, we aim to empower these invaluable members of our healthcare system.

We’re seeking staff from band 7 and above who are leaders in their own rights and key role holders, at St George’s, Epsom, and St Helier hospitals who can benefit from open and honest conversations with junior international staff from diverse backgrounds.

Managed by Nottingham University Reverse Mentoring Practice:

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