General health information centre

In this section you will find information on a variety of health-related services. ‘Donation services’ covers blood donation, bone marrow donation, egg, sperm and embryo donation, and the NHS organ donation service. ‘Other services’ covers how to make a complaint about your health providers and how to access translation services. ‘Health Education’ covers e-libraries and online health education. ‘Health, Wellbeing and Safety’ covers bereavement, domestic abuse, drug and alcohol services, obesity and weight management, quitting smoking, and rape and sexual violence. ‘Local Services’ contains directories for local councils, citizen’s advice, and sexual health clinics. ‘Maternity and Parenthood’ covers maternity, premature birth and infant loss, and caring for children with life-limiting conditions. ‘Sexual Health’ covers abortion, at home testing for STI’s, and a sexual health clinic directory. Finally, ‘Support with Living’ covers disabled and elderly support, refugee and asylum seeking, and support for new parents. 

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