Membership, donations and fundraising

Membership fees

  • Annual membership: £3
  • Annual membership for senior citizens: £2
  • Life membership: £25

Becoming a member doesn't mean you have to volunteer. To become a member, just complete a form either online or by coming to one of our shops or tea bars. Please return the completed form to the League office and don't forget to sign the Gift Aid form if applicable.


Donations are welcome and can be made to the St Helier League of Friends without becoming a member. Please make your donation either by post using the form below or at our office. If you are a UK tax payer, please ask for a Gift Aid form as we can claim back tax on your donation.

League of friends membership form [pdf] 25KB

Thanksgiving book

The Thanksgiving book is kept in the chapel on the first floor at St Helier Hospital. When a donation is made in memory of someone, we can place their name in the book if the family wishes to do so. Although we appreciate all donations, you can request for the name of your loved one to be placed in the book without making one.

Thanksgiving service and book of Thanksgiving

There is a Thanksgiving service and book of Thanksgiving held in the chapel at St Helier Hospital on the second Sunday in June at 3pm where we hold a short informal service with refreshments served afterwards.

Key contacts for membership, donations and fundraising

League of Friends office

St Helier Hospital, ground floor, main corridor

Val Brundle 

Tel: 020 8641 4567 or 020 8296 2462 (9am - 1pm Monday to Friday)

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