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Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects the internal organs and skin.

If you have lupus, dysfunction in your immune system causes the body to perceive its own tissues as foreign invaders. This means that the body will create anti-bodies to attack your body tissues resulting in a range of symptoms.

People with lupus might suffer from rashes on the face, joint and muscle pain, and extreme fatigue. There is currently no cure; however symptoms vary in severity and go through cycles of relapse and remission.

Lupus is a poorly understood disease and it may be difficult to acquire a diagnosis. Each presentation of Lupus is different so it is important to seek a formal diagnosis and not compare your experiences to others.

Lupus UK contains high quality advice for sufferers on symptom related issues like light sensitivity, mental health, diet and exercise, and hair loss. The website also has a large section on understanding Lupus, as well as information on the charity itself and how you can get involved with fundraising for future research.


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