About our library and information services

There are two libraries which you are welcome to use

We provide a range of services to help you find the best evidence to support your clinical decisions and patient care.

Meet the team

Potenza Atiogbe
Multiprofessional Education and Library Services Manager
Tel: 020 8296 3186

Marisa Martinez Ortiz
Technology Enhanced Learning Lead and Deputy Head of Library Services
Tel: 020 8296 3187

Manda Atkinson
Collections Development Librarian
Tel: 020 8296 3184

Rosy Bennett
Library Learning Technologist
Tel: 020 8296 3185

Liz Lourandos
South West London Primary Care Knowledge Specialist
Tel: +44 7796 657 556

Kerry Seelhoff
Clinical Librarian
Tel: 01372 735688

Laura Sims
Assistant Librarian (Policies Cataloguing and QI Support)
Tel: 07796658149

Catherine Aggleton
Senior Library Assistant
Tel: 01372 735685

Yin Ping Leung
Senior Library Assistant
Tel: 020 8296 3184

Laura Phillips
Senior Library Assistant
Tel: 020 8296 3184

Agnieszka Seaward
Senior Library Assistant
Tel: 020 8296 3184

Aims and objectives

Our new five year (2023 - 2028) strategy, which mirrors the Trust's five year strategy is now avialable.  It will be ratified at the Medical Education Committee Away Day on Monday 16 October.  Also below is the strategy plan on a page (the executive summary). 

Read our strategy plan on a page:  Library strategy on a page 

Read our strategy:  Library strategy 2023 - 2028 

Marketing strategy

Our brief marketing strategy contains how we plan to promote and raise the profile of the library services we provide.  A new marketing strategy plan for 2023 - 2024 will be uploaded soon.

Strategy implementation plan 

Our strategy implementation plan indicates how we will meet the objectives set out in our library strategy. The most current stratgey implementation plan will be uploaded soon.



Annual reports

We also produce an annual report to mark our key achievements.  The current annual report is available to view and download below:

Library Annual Report 2022-2023

We also produce an impact report based on feedback from our biennial user survey which is done in conjunction with other South London Libraries.  Below is a snapshot report of the ESTH Library Survey Results 2021 - 2023. The full impact report will be available soon.:

Library Survey Snapshot Report  2021 - 2023

Privacy policy, regulations and charters

On this page you will find links to the Library COVID-19 regulations, the Library privacy policy and the Library rules and regulations:



Library space

We regularly evaluate the use of the pod which is situated at the back of the Sally Howell Library.  The pod was kindly funded by Dr Shakil Rahman (Lead Respiratory Consultant and Undergraduate Clinical Sub Dean) and the Undergradute Team for use primarily by the undergraduate medical students for quiet study.  Other staff members can book and use the pod by emailing Library staff at: esth.libraryepsom@nhs.net.  The image below shows the first feedback report for the pod. Download a copy of the Pod feedback report here:   Pod feedback report June 2021

Image of the Pod feedback report

Image showing the pod feedback report


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