Training sessions

All training is currently suspended until the 30th July 2020. 

The library offers a number of face to face one-to-one or small group training sessions. 

To book your place on a course contact the Library Team via email or ring 020 8296 3184. 

Please fill in the online evaluation form after the training session:

Training is discussed and arranged on request. The courses that are currently offered are as follows:

NHS IT Skills Pathway 

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We now provide digital literacy training via the NHS Digital Digital Learning Solutions platform.  All staff at Epsom and St Helier can register for an account and use the training modules available.  These include Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint available in multiple levels.  In addition there is KnowledgeBank which has bite size learning videos and modules covering a range of topics including "Digital Literacy - Your Digital Footprint" .  Alternatively we offer face to face mediated training via the platform on a weekly basis for all levels of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.   Contact Javier Puertas Caballero at if you are interested in this training.

Reflective reading sessions

Reflective reading sessions are being offered, in liaison with the Practice Educators, to nurses and midwives to support their revalidation and to encourage an evidence-based culture.  Details of the next sessions will be published soon. 

10 minute Bite size training sessions

Drop in anytime to the Sally Howell Library at Epsom or the Hirson Library at St Helier between 12-2pm on  the following days for the Lunch and Learn or Twitter Thursday sessions. 
If you attend a number of these sessions over the next few months you can collect stickers and have a chance of being a "Star Learner" and win a free lunch.

Lunch and Learn

This month our 'Lunch and Learn' topic is BMJ Learning 

BMJ Learning logo

  • Tuesday 3 March - Sally Howell Library, Epsom
  • Tuesday 17 March - Hirson Library, St Helier

Twitter Thursdays

Learn how to set up a Twitter account and keep up to date with developments in your Trust by following us @esthLISEducat, the Trust @epsom_sthelier and our Chief Executive @danielelkeles.

The digital skills training is currently suspended until the 30th July 2020.  

Healthcare information and literature searching (HILS)

  • Learn to search for journal article abstracts or citations using quality healthcare databases, including Medline, BNI (British Nursing Index), CINAHL, PsycINFO, or HMIC (Health Management Information Consortium)

  • Learn how to access over 2,000 full-text journals

  • Good for evidence-based practice, research, audit, or guideline writing

  • Databases for all disciplines including medical, nursing, psychology and the therapies

  • Requires some internet experience

  • Duration: 60 minutes.

Download the  HILS training guide [pdf] 1MB

Evidence search

  • Overview of the NHS Evidence website, the NHS gateway to healthcare information

  • Learn what health information resources are available to you and how to find guidelines, information on uncertainties on treatments, patients' information, NICE pathways and more

  • Duration: 30 minutes.

Download the Evidence search training guide [pdf] 939KB

Electronic healthcare resources ‘grand tour’

  • Take a 'grand tour' of the diverse online resources provided nationally and locally by your health library;

  • Gain an overview of which resource specialises in which type of question and subject area;

  • Good for confident internet users who want to know what is out there for them;

  • Duration: 60 minutes.

Download the Electronic healthcare resources grand tour training guide [pdf] 782KB

Open Access Journals

  • Learn about green and gold open access publishing

  • Learn basic searching techniques e.g. Boolean logic

  • Learn how to search four open access journal repositories 
  • Discuss your views about open access journals
  • Duration: 45 - 60 minutes.

Searching the Cochrane Library

  • Learn how use the Cochrane Library, a collection of evidence-based databases

  • Search for systematic reviews and current clinical trials

  • Good for clinical effectiveness research

  • Not ideal for information searching novices;

  • Duration: 60 minutes.

Download the Searching the Cochrane library training guide[pdf] 565KB

Six Ws

  • An introduction to healthcare resources available to NHS Staff electronically via the internet, including how and when to access resources

  • Have an understanding of what resources to use to access different types of information

  • Know who each resource is aimed at, e.g. patient information

  • Duration: 40 minutes.

Download the Six Ws training guide [pdf] 429KB

Think you can Google?

  • Learn to find quality healthcare information on the internet effectively

  • Overview of the search engine Google: tips on how to search Google effectively using the advanced search option, Google Scholar and Google Books search

  • Good for literature and information searching novices

  • Duration: 40 minutes.

Download the Think you can Google training guide [pdf] 660KB


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