Both postgraduate medical centres have fully equipped lecture theatres and teaching rooms which provide venues for individual specialty teaching programmes, trust statutory and mandatory training, and for meetings, seminars, courses and conferences organised in-house or by outside groups.

Meetings can be video conferenced between the two sites and other trusts.

Our facilities include:

Epsom Hospital

  • Lecture Theatre (capacity 100 people)*

  • Conference Room 1 (capacity 60 people)*

  • Simulation Room (capacity 40 people)

  • Seminar Room (capacity 30 people)*

  • Florence Room (capacity 15 people)*

  • Nightingale Room (capacity 15 people)*

St Helier Hospital

  • Whitehall Lecture Theatre (capacity 80 people)*

  • Nonsuch Room (capacity 45 people)

  • Carew Room (capacity 25 people)*

  • Lumley Room (capacity 25 people)*

  • Projection Room (capacity 6 people)

* video-conference facilities available

Room bookings

For internal users requesting rooms, please do so using the 'Room Bookings' icon via Portal Manager or this link: http://roombooking.sthegh.sthelier/WorkspaceQuickBook

For external users requesting rooms, please contact Paul Andrews (paul.andrews4@nhs.net).

For current room booking at both Epsom and St Helier, please check the screen located in the foyer area. 

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