The postgraduate medical centres run a series of regular lecture programmes on a term-by-term basis. 

GP lectures

During term time, GP lectures are held on a weekly basis. The lectures provide clinical updates to local GPs plus hospital staff. See GP education and events

These lectures count towards your continuing professional development (CPD), and following each lecture, the postgraduate medical centre sends out CPD certificates electronically so that they can be uploaded to revalidation portfolios.

Hospital lectures

During term time, hospital lectures are held on a weekly basis. The lectures provide general updates for hospital doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Lectures are held on Thursday lunchtimes between 1-2pm in the Whitehall Lecture Theatre, PGMC at St Helier Hospital. A pre-lecture lunch is normally provided from 12.30pm in the Nonsuch Room, PGMC.

Hospital Lecture Programme Jan - Mar 2019.pdf [pdf] 70KB

Hospital Lecture Programme April - July 2019.pdf [pdf] 87KB

Grand round

During term time, grand round lectures are held on a weekly basis. Grand Round lectures consist of interesting case presentations and are aimed at an audience across all specialties and grades.

Epsom Hospital

Epsom lectures are held on Thursday lunchtimes between 12.30-1.30pm in the Lecture Theatre, PGMC.

Epsom Grand Round Programme Jan - Apr 19.pdf [pdf] 201KB

St Helier Hospital

St Helier lectures are held on Thursday mornings between 8.30-9.30am in the Whitehall Lecture Theatre, PGMC.

St Helier Grand Round Programme Jan - Apr 19.pdf [pdf] 142KB

Please check with the PGMC staff that these programmes are the most up-to-date, as there may have been small changes made to these.


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