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Intrepid - Online Study Leave system:

This information relates to how you can apply for Study Leave, which is completed via an online web-based system called Intrepid. New starters should receive their log in details for Intrepid 6 weeks in advance of their start date; please keep these in a safe place to ensure you are able to access the system. If you have not received you log in details for intrepid within this time frame, please notify us by contacting the below support email address.

The process for applying for study leave is as follows:

  • Trainee logs into Intrepid and submits study leave request 8 weeks prior to the date they wish to apply for study leave.
  • Your application is then automatically sent through the following approval chain for review and approval the following personnel – Rota Coordinator  -> Educational Lead  -> DME
  • You will be informed automatically by email if your application for study leave is approved or not.
  • If approved and if you applied for any expenses - after the event you must log back in to update your actual expenses costs and upload your receipts
  • Please ensure you upload your receipts and course certificates to the documents tab at the bottom of the study leave application.

Approved expenses are then processed for payment and are paid into your bank account with your salary within 3 months of attending the course. Please ensure you upload all your receipts under the documents tab and update the claim amount for the expenses you are claiming for under the expenses tab by the end of the month, in order to be reimbursed in the following months’ pay run.

Study leave expenses will be reimbursed upon full compliance with statutory and mandatory training.  In order to avoid delay with payment of your expenses please ensure that you complete all the training specified in your induction communication within 6 weeks of commencing in the Trust. 

The Intrepid system allows you to log in anytime, on any computer.  You can view the status of a particular application, and also check your leave history, remaining days allowance and budget.

Please also note applying for study leave via Intrepid is only for doctors in a training programme and clinical fellows in a medical post. If you are a non-training grade and you have been offered study budget, this would not be processed by the Postgraduate centre. For this you would need to speak to the relevant service manager for your department.

You will also have the support of PGMC staff, Rebecca Pellatt ( If you have any questions or need any support using Intrepid, you can contact us at:

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