Core training programme

Core medicine training (CMT) is the first common period of specialty training following selection out of foundation training. Entry to core training is by open competition and appointments are to training posts at the relevant training level.

Our CMT programme is designed to deliver core training in general internal medicine. During the programme trainees will continue to acquire generic competencies by following the generic curriculum for medical specialties, which provides a sound professional, moral and legal framework for practice, as described by the General Medical Council’s ‘Good Medical Practice’.

For the medical specialties, each trainee is currently required to acquire the level 1 competencies as defined in the general internal medicine curriculum. It is anticipated that these will be achieved as part of a two year CMT training programme before entry to specialty training at ST3.

Our CMT programme is overseen by two training programme directors and supported by a core medical training programme co-ordinator and a medical education manager. Trainees are supervised and supported by their training programme directors, clinical and educational supervisors whose roles are explained below.

Core medicine training programme directors

  • Epsom Hospital: Dr Mashkur Khan, Consultant Geriatrician

  • St Helier Hospital : Dr David Makanjuola, Consultant Nephrologist

Trainees are assigned to one of the programme directors who will meet with them during the year and can be contacted at any time in case of any difficulty.

Clinical supervisors

A clinical supervisor is the named clinician responsible for overseeing the clinical performance of an individual trainee within a clinical placement. They are responsible for observing practice, performing work-based assessments and providing feedback.

Educational supervisor

Each trainee has an educational supervisor appointed for the entire year who is responsible for ensuring that the trainee is making the necessary clinical and educational progress. This educational supervisor may also provide clinical supervision in a post.

Core medicine faculty group

The core medicine programme is monitored, reviewed and quality controlled by the core medicine faculty group which meets three times per year and ensures that trainee progression is tracked, supported and audited.

The group comprises the core medicine training programme directors, core medicine training programme co-ordinator, Medical Education Manager, representatives from the CT1 and CT2 years, and is chaired by one of the core medicine training programme directors. Educational and clinical supervisors are also invited to attend.

Educational programmes

Local core medicine teaching takes place when there is not a regional core medicine teaching day. Local teaching is held in the postgraduate medical centre at St Helier Hospital and video-linked to Epsom Hospital for trainees based on that site. This is a protected one hour session and attendance is mandatory.

Regional core medicine teaching is organised by the lead education provider, St George’s Hospital. Regional core medicine teaching is usually a full day therefore a completed study leave application form is required in advance. Attendance is mandatory.

The regional core medicine teaching days rotate throughout the South West Thames region and takes place at St Helier Hospital, St George’s Hospital, Kingston Hospital, Croydon Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital.

Key contact

Hazel Brown,
IMT Coordinator

Tel:  0737273 5172 / 0208 296 2605

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